August’s Feasts

I started the month on holiday in Asia and ended it enjoying the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. It’s certainly been a whirlwind month, but here are my top 3 meals from this month:

No Name

Although Ko Pha Nhan is a popular island for tourists to visit, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are still quiet streets with good quality, traditional food. No Name Restaurant was definitely one of these pleasant surprises when I visited the island at the beginning of the month with friends.

This restaurant has a small dining area and an even smaller kitchen. The setting is very quirky and I loved being able to see in to the kitchen. There are 2 chefs occupying the busy kitchen and you have to be patient if you want to feast on this delicious food.


When we first arrived, there were no seats available and we were told it would be an hour wait. We returned an hour later and managed to get seated, but the previous diners told us that they waited 2 hours for food. Luckily, we knew what we wanted and we quickly ordered pad Thai, massaman curry and red curry, with some spring rolls as a starter. The boys sat watching the football in a nearby bar, whilst Christine and I settled down to a bottle of wine (or 2) and waited for the food.


Although the wait was incredibly long, the food was so outstanding, that it was most certainly worth it! You could tell how fresh everything was and how much care had gone in to producing the meal. All dishes were bursting with flavour and had just enough spice without blowing our heads off. This restaurant is so good, it doesn’t need a name!

Project Pizza

After returning from Asia, we met some family in Dundee for dinner. I don’t spend a lot of time here, so I’m not up to date on the foodie goings on. However, I had visited Project Pizza last year after hearing good things, so we decided to head here for another tasty meal.

The setup is very casual, which makes it great for a quick bite, but my favourite thing about Project Pizza is that it’s customisable. When you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by a large space and a fast food style design. There is a large pizza bar at the back where you choose the sauce and toppings for your pizza before it is shovelled into the oven.


There is an abundance of toppings to choose from, so your pizza can be completely different on each visit. The pizzas themselves are lovely and crisp, with a good ratio of toppings to base. Make sure to order the delicious garlic mayo to dip your crusts in to!


The Fringe is my favourite time of year in Edinburgh, which I know is a controversial statement for many people that live in this vibrant city. There’s always people to meet and shows to see, but there’s also a number of fantastic pop up restaurants and ShrimpWreck is one of these.

Currently, this seafood shack has taken up residency at Bourbon on Frederick Street, but for the Festival they were situated at Underbelly, George Square. It was at George Square that I had the pleasure of first visiting this restaurant. For a pop up venue, they have a strong menu and I found it very difficult to decide what to order. Finally, I chose the fish taco and some fries.


I’m a huge taco fan, but I managed to control my expectations because they are not a Mexican food truck, they’re a seafood one. Despite being in a regular tortilla wrap, rather than a corn tortilla, I found the taco delicious. I loved the Cajun spice on the fish and it worked really well with the fresh salsa. The fries were also yummy and I’m sure my friends that tucked in would agree (cough cough Katie and Kirsten…)! I’ll definitely be visiting Bourbon for some more tasty food, but I know I’ll find it just as hard to order the second time.

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