July’s Feasts

Although July is meant to be summer in Edinburgh, we’ve seen a lot of rain! We were lucky to have a few sunny days and I was even luckier to get more in Singapore at the end of the month. Here are my top 3 eats from this month:

The Rocketeer

When a glimpse of sun appears in Scotland you have to head to the beach. North Berwick is such a pretty town, with lots of yummy food options. On this visit, we decided to try the Lobster Shack, but we arrived late in the afternoon on a windy day, which meant the shack was about to close. However, we found the Rocketeer, which is owned by the same people as the Lobster Shack and is only a stone’s throw away.



We settled in to a table for 2 and quickly got to ordering a selection from the menu. We decided to share the mussels, fish and lobster with chips. Everything came at once, which I loved because it meant we could feast on all dishes without having to wait. I thoroughly enjoyed everything we ate and I washed it down with a pint of Rocketeer lager – very refreshing! The setting is lovely and it’s a peaceful spot to sample some Scottish seafood in a quaint seaside town.

The Pantry

Everyone knows how much I love brunch and after visiting The Pantry earlier this month I can safely say this is one of my favourites. I’ll get the negatives out of the way and say that the service was a huge disappointment from start to finish; after asking for our bill we saw our server leave the building eating a meal and once again I had to go inside to ask for something. Anyway, it was another lovely day in Edinburgh, so 2 friends and I found a table outside.


The menu at The Pantry is strong; there are lots of fantastic options, which makes it hard to decide! My friend Kirsten and I decided to share the LA Eggs and pork belly tostadas. The roasted pepper pico de gallo was a brilliant addition to the smashed avocado and poached egg combo. The pork belly tostadas brought the lunch to our breakfast/lunch mix and again it was delicious; each bite was full of flavour – the way Mexican food should be! Although the service was terrible, the food was so delicious that I’ll definitely be back.

Lau Pa Sat

Singapore is fantastic for food and in particular, chicken satay. Throughout the city there are different food markets known as Hawker Centres. For me, these are the best places to eat in Singapore because they serve incredible food and give you a chance to eat local cuisine with local people. Lau Pa Sat is one of the most famous, which makes it one of the best places to grab the well-known Singapore food: chicken satay.

This was my second visit to Singapore, but my first to Lau Pa Sat. I was visiting with my friends Christine and Stuart and as well as trying some incredible chicken satay, we ordered chilli crab, butter prawns and rice. Chilli crab is another must eat in Singapore. It’s a whole crab with the meat broken up into a spicy and extremely tasty sauce; make sure to add on some bread rolls to soak up the sauce! The real surprise at this meal was the butter prawns – they were fantastic! The prawns were battered and served with a side of butter to dip in to. I didn’t have any expectations for these, but we were all completely blown away. If you’re visiting Singapore make sure to stop by Lau Pa Sat!


My favourite meal this month was from Aizle in Edinburgh, but you can catch the full review here. Since I had already written about this incredible dining experience I thought I would mention 3 new and delicious places in this month’s Feasts.

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