Glasgow’s Six by Nico – Picnic

Picnic is the third menu created by chef Nico at the new Glasgow hotspot, Six by Nico. Since finding out about the restaurant in March, I’ve been to all 3 themes that the team has introduced. My boyfriend and I headed through to Glasgow last Sunday for a lunch/dinner combo at 4.30pm, with excited belly’s.

Just like every other time, the restaurant was full and we were greeted at the door before being escorted to our table for 2. We weren’t seated beside the kitchen, but there’s a television screen showing live footage from the kitchen. I had a prime seat facing the TV and it was great to watch the food being prepared.

We decided to share a bottle of the Apello, but I also ordered a strawberry bellini to get me in the mood for the forthcoming picnic. The first course was Picnic Basket, so called because we were served smoked mackerel pate, sourdough bread and a homemade soda drink from a picnic basket. The pate was delicious and had a great texture; I could have eaten the whole tub! The soda was refreshing, but considering I already had 2 drinks on the go I didn’t appreciate it as much as other diners might.



Up next was the Scotch Egg. Sam has never eaten eggs (it’s a family thing), but the team was very accommodating and created an eggless scotch egg! Instead of meat the egg was surrounded by falafel and Sam was served a falafel ball. I’m not a big falafel eater, so although I enjoyed this course, it definitely wasn’t my favourite. The egg was cooked beautifully and the piccalilli brought a lot of taste to the dish.


The third course was a Picnic Blanket, which consisted of yellowfin tuna, tofu and rose harissa yoghurt. Each square of food was laid out to look like a checked picnic blanket and it tasted as good as it looked. In amongst the tuna and tofu were squares of watermelon, which made the dish lovely and refreshing. I’m also a big fan of harissa yoghurt, so this course was a winner for me.


A Sandwich Platter was next on the menu and this was my favourite plate of the day. These were not traditional sandwiches because they were deconstructed, but I loved having the different flavours. There were 6 sandwiches on offer: Duck & Cherry, Ham & Salad Cream, Salmon & Cucumber, Coronation Chicken & Raisin and Crowdie & Beetroot. All were excellent combinations and each bite was a new taste sensation. I could eat this for lunch every day!


Next, it was time for a BBQ and we were served pork belly with a version of potato salad. The pork was smothered in a delicious barbeque sauce and the chunky potato salad included cubes of ham, which added to the meat feast that I expect from BBQ’s. I enjoyed this dish, but I was feeling very full after it.


Last on the menu was Strawberries & Cream, which luckily was quite light. This dish included strawberries, balsamic glaze and toasted marshmallow. It was the perfect amount of sweetness to round off a fantastic meal.


Out of the 3 menus my order of preference has been ‘The Chippie’, ‘Picnic’ and ‘Childhood’. I love how varied the menus are and how each visit is a completely different experience. I can’t wait for the next menu – ‘Route 66’.

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