Edinburgh Food Club – Eden’s Kitchen

This year has been so busy that, so far, I’ve only managed a Food Club every second month, instead of every month. So, after missing out April, I was looking forward to Niamh’s choice of Eden’s Kitchen in May. I only recently heard of the BYOB restaurant on Broughton Street, but it was all good things that I had heard.

The restaurant is quite small and as soon as we stepped inside, I felt like we had made a mistake. The few tables that are in Eden’s Kitchen were filled with couples or small groups – it didn’t seem like a good dining option for large groups, and there were 8 of us. However, once we were settled in and had popped open the champagne, I felt much more in place! Eden’s Kitchen is BYOB, which is ideal for enjoying a few drinks at a lower cost – especially in groups.

Eden's Kitchen1.jpg

The menu is filled with different Mediterranean delights and Katie, Kirsten and I decided to sample as many items as possible, by sharing a selection of mezes to start and a couple of pizzas for our mains. The mezes we opted for were spinach borek, halloumi and calamari. To follow, we chose the four-cheese pizza and the chicken feast pizza.

Eden's Kitchen2.jpg

Eden's Kitchen3.jpg

Throughout the evening, I wasn’t overly impressed by the service; it wasn’t necessarily bad, but the staff weren’t welcoming or friendly. Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed the food! Halloumi is always a crowd pleaser in our group of friends, so we knew we would enjoy that, but the calamari was actually my preferred item from our starter selection. I would have all of the starters again because they were ideal for sharing and extremely tasty, but my favourite dish from the meal was the four-cheese pizza. The pizza was thin and crispy, with a tangy tomato sauce and the perfect selection and amount of cheese. Cheese may seem like the easy option when choosing pizza toppings, but at Eden’s Kitchen it’s certainly a good one! The chicken feast pizza was a bit too spicy for my liking, but the flavour was impressive.

Eden's Kitchen5.jpg

Eden's Kitchen4.jpg

Although I enjoyed my meal here, I would like to try it again to see if the service improves and I have a better experience. Towards the end we were rushed out of the door half an hour earlier than we had been informed when booking the table. I think that it would be better to book a table for a smaller, more casual meal, rather than for a big night out. Nevertheless, the food was good and very reasonably priced.


Atmosphere – 3.5
Food – 4
Price – 4.5
Service – 3

Total – 15/20


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