May’s Feasts

This month seems to have completely disappeared for me because I spent most of my weekends away from Edinburgh. But, as always, I had some brilliant meals and here are my top 3 from the month:

Twenty Princes Street

We received a voucher for Twenty Princes Street for Chrismas from Sam’s family, so we booked a table for 4 of us on a Sunday night at the start of the month. I had heard good things about this restaurant and the attached bar, Juniper, which specialises in gin cocktails.


We were seated at a booth with a round table, which I loved. I really enjoy round tables because I feel they are more inclusive, I also liked that it was a booth because it gave us our own space. We immediately ordered gin cocktails to start and as soon as I looked at the menu the halloumi, asparagus and muhammara caught my eye. So, I had to order that as a starter, followed by the fillet steak for my main. The broccoli, sugar snaps and spring greens were also ordered for the table, along with the Mac ‘n’ Cheese.


I thoroughly enjoyed the whole meal, but for me, the halloumi starter was the highlight; the muhammara was incredible! At times, the staff didn’t seem to co-ordinate well together, but I would definitely go back to Twenty Princes Street & Juniper for more food and drinks.


Flat Iron

Flat Iron has been on my radar for a while, so I was determined to dine here when I headed to London for the Rugby 7’s in the middle of the May. After 2 days of rugby and beer, a steak was exactly what we needed!


On arrival, there were no tables available, but they took my number and we headed to a nearby bar to wait our turn. We were happily surprised to find that our table was ready earlier than expected and headed back to the restaurant, where we were seated downstairs. Ordering at Flat Iron is pretty easy because they have a limited menu – the one and only option is flat iron steak! There are a couple of specials each day and different sides to choose from, I would recommend the dripping chips and the creamed spinach.


I loved everything about Flat Iron; the food, atmosphere and service were all fantastic, but to top it all off the price is incredible. They also give you a free ice cream on departure!



Situated not too far from my hometown Montrose, Balmakewan is a farm shop with a lovely tea room. On a recent visit home, we went for a family lunch here and as usual, I wasn’t disappointed. After taking a while to decide I finally settled on the crispy prawns, but with the promise of getting to steal some pulled pork nachos from my Mum!

The prawns were lovely because the batter was really light and the dipping sauce was delicious, they were served with wedges, of which there were lots! However, I forfeited my wedges for some nachos, which was definitely the right choice – they were extremely tasty. Loaded with flavour and toppings, every bite was delicious and I would definitely order these again.


Balmakewan is a great place for families because there’s something for everyone and the vibe and staff are both very welcoming.

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