How to Spend 2 Days in Barcelona

Day 1

Morning: A mid morning brunch is the best way to start your first day in Barcelona. You will quickly see that the brunch scene in Barcelona is strong and there are a lot of options to choose from. I would recommend starting with my favourite – Brunch & Cake. My top pick for food here is the scrambled egg burger, which is outstanding – the hummus served on top is a delicious twist!


By the end of your meal you’ll be pretty full, so take a walk along Barceloneta Beach and people watch. Try and spot the locals playing dominos or grab a drink on the boardwalk.



Afternoon: After your beach walk it’s time to take in the beautiful works of Gaudi by heading to Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. For both of these attractions book ahead to make sure that you can gain entry, especially for the Monumental Zone in Park Guell. Sagrada Familia and Park Guell are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For the Sagrada Familia, building started in 1882 and is not due to finish until 2026. The building itself is made up of 3 facades, which are full of beautiful and intricate detail.



Park Guell was originally planned to be a housing development, but was opened to the public as a park in 1926. Not only does the park showcase Gaudi’s work, it also has beautiful views over Barcelona.



Evening: It’s your first night in Spain, which means it’s tapas time! After spotting La Luna on Saints on a Plane, I made sure to book a table before arriving in Barcelona and I would recommend doing the same because it’s a popular bar and restaurant. The menu is a mixture of traditional and innovative food, of which I enjoyed everything! However I would highly recommend the cod croquettes, calamari and chicken quesadillas.


La Luna is situated in the Born district of Barcelona, which is known for its restaurant and bars, so you won’t be short of choice. The Mint is a great place to head to after your meal and indulge in a mojito (or 2); there are many different flavours to choose from.

Day 2

Morning: Although Brunch and Cake was my favourite brunch spot, Flax and Kale is a worthy contender. It’s a large establishment, which has a terrace roof that’s ideal for a warm morning. Fuel up with some avocado toast, salmon sashimi toast or crunchy fish tacos. You really can’t go wrong – it’s all delicious!


After brunch take a stroll to Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf and Parc de la Ciutadella. This beautiful arch and park is the biggest green space in Barcelona and the perfect spot for relaxing in after a busy first day!



Afternoon: Explore Barcelona’s most famous street, Las Ramblas, where you can do some shopping, eating and drinking. The 1.2km street is perfect for finding souvenirs or because it’s central you can use it to get from one area to another: the Gothic Quarter is stunning area to get lost in. Whatever you decide, make sure to stop in past La Boqueria where you will find an abundance of fresh food and drinks; the fruit juices here are a must!




Park Guell may have given you a beautiful view over Barcelona, but for an even better one make your way to Bunkers. Bunkers were built during the Spanish Civil War as anti-aircraft defenses, but they were abandoned after the war. If you are looking for the best view over the city, in a less crowded setting, Bunkers won’t disappoint. You can even bring some food an drinks to the top and watch the sunset.




Evening: Finish your trip to Barcelona with a traditional Mediterranean feast at La Dolca Herminia. Start your meal with some sangria, patatas bravas and calamari before moving on to the star of the show: Spanish black rice. Don’t let the colour fool you – the taste is incredible. The dish is made of squid, seafood, rice and garlic, as well as other ingredients; the colour comes from the squid ink. The confit cod here is another great choice.



Once you have eaten as much black rice as possible, why not find a bar nearby to enjoy a glass of wine or wander through the Arc de Triomf whilst it’s lit up? In this beautiful city you want to spend as much time exploring as possible!

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