Glasgow’s Six by Nico – Childhood

After a brilliant experience at Six by Nico for their first menu The Chippie, we managed to secure a table for 7 people during the 6 weeks of their second menu. This time our table was at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon and along with the warm weather, we received a warm greeting from Neil who has managed the front of house on both of our visits.

This time we decided to start off our meal with a round of aperitifs – gin and rhubarb cocktails. These were a great decision and one that I would highly recommend. Instead of the wine pairing, we chose to order a few bottles of Apello, Sauvignon Blanc, which was a brilliant accompaniment to all 6 courses.

Now comfortable in our table by the kitchen, we were served our first course: Ice Cream. However, it was not ice cream as you know it, this cone was chicken liver parfait in a thin wafer. It was a stand out dish that was first up and one of my most memorable from the whole meal.


After demolishing the Ice Cream it was time for some Egg & Soldiers. The dishes at Six by Nico aren’t just extremely tasty, they are also very aesthetically pleasing. Although served in an eggshell, it was actually haddock with an asparagus salad and a quail’s egg on the side. The asparagus salad was delicious and instantly another highlight of the lunch.


Next it was Fish Finger, but these were a little different from the Birds Eye version. This portion was sea trout served with quinoa. I’m a big fish lover, so I enjoyed this course, but not as much as I thought I would. I think the combination of the sesame seeds and quinoa meant the dish was overly grainy.


This fourth course battles with the chicken liver parfait for my favourite of the meal and probably takes the lead. It was Mac & Cheese with truffle, broccoli and glazed chicken wing, which had been taken off of the bone. The blend of these ingredients works brilliantly together and creates a delicious eat.


Our final dish before dessert was the classic Hamburger, in a not so classic form. This pork burger was served with a tasty burnt onion jus, which added great flavour, but the Mac & Cheese was a tough act to follow and unfortunately this course isn’t the most memorable for me.


We were so busy Boomerang-ing our desserts that I forgot to take a photo, but it was a refreshing Viennetta. It was quite a big portion of white chocolate parfait with rhubarb throughout; a lovely end to a great meal, but it did get quite sweet!

Six by Nico is a fantastic day or night out and I’ve loved both experiences. As a group, we had mixed feelings on which menu we’ve preferred so far, but I voted for ‘The Chippie’ because I felt the dishes flowed more because the theme was stronger. However, Chef Nico always produces amazing food and we couldn’t leave without booking the next menu.

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