8 Mexican Eateries in Edinburgh

Mexican is my favourite cuisine and Edinburgh has some good spots to get my guacamole fix!

Burrito Bars


Location: 119 Lothian Road, 6 Shandwick Place & 55 Forrest Road


I attended the opening of Barburrito in June last year and I had a brilliant evening; you can read all about it here. I had high hopes of this being my regular stop for a quick burrito bowl, but with every visit my expectations have gotten less and less. The service has been poor on more than one occasion and they never seem to have all the ingredients they boast about on their menu. The burrito I had here at the opening was delicious, especially with the chorizo, but I’ve never managed to replicate this great experience.

Taco Mazama

Location: 63 Lothian Road, 95/96A Princes Street & Ocean Terminal

Like Barburrito, Taco Mazama is based in the city centre, but unlike Barburrito I haven’t had a bad experience yet. I included this burrito bar in my list of 4 Healthy Lunches in New Town Edinburgh due to the salad bowl they offer, but Taco Mazama is also a great place to head during your lunch break because of their £4.95 lunch deal. Grab a quesadilla, a drink and tortilla chips or fruit and liven up your workday.

Los Cardos

Location: 281 Leith Walk

This is my favourite burrito bar in Edinburgh because of their local touch. Los Cardos is an independent restaurant with friendly staff, who have always been understanding of my extra coriander needs! The main reason to visit this cosy establishment is for their haggis burrito. Adding the option of haggis as a topping makes it stand out from other burrito bars and provides an extra tasty and quick dinner.

Street Food Restaurants


Location: 16 South St Andrew Street

Wahaca originates from MasterChef winner Thomasina Miers who opened the Mexican street food establishment in London in 2007. From then the eatery has become increasingly popular and there are now various restaurants throughout London and the UK. Having eaten at the London restaurants, I was thrilled when Wahaca opened in Edinburgh last year. From tostados, tacos and quesadillas, you can choose from a huge menu and eat until you can’t eat anymore!


Location: 62 Elm Row


I visited Bodega as part of The Food Club and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience; you can read my full review here. It’s an intimate setting, which is great for groups and private events or even dinner for 2. The menu is a mixture of classic tacos and fun, inventive ones. I can’t recommend the salmon ceviche enough – I think it was the highlight of my meal. But, the prawn tempura tacos and buffalo chicken tacos were also delicious.

El Cartel

Location: 64 Thistle Street

Ok, so now we’re getting in to my 3 favourite Mexican’s in Edinburgh. I love the food at El Cartel and the frozen margaritas are brilliant. The restaurant gets incredibly busy though because it’s relatively small, but it’s definitely worth the wait. My best recommendation is to arrive hungry and just work your way through the menu – both the food and margarita menu! The guacamole is a good place to start…


The Basement

Location: 10a-12a Broughton Street

The Basement - Small Plates

I really enjoy The Basement because there’s something for everyone. There are classic Mexican dishes, but also fun street food options. This means that it’s a great place for sharing a few dishes between friends or ordering a normal meal to yourself. Being a basement bar there’s a cool vibe here, so it’s also good for drinks. A margarita on the rocks with salt is my absolute favourite and The Basement serves up a scrumptious one!

Miros Cantina

Location: 184 Rose Street

Miros Cantina - Tacos

Miros Cantina was the first Mexican I visited in Edinburgh and we certainly picked a good one to start with. The food here is incredible and the décor provides a fun atmosphere. As well as providing a fantastic restaurant experience, Miros Cantina also has a Burrito Stall, which is great for grabbing a filling and great value lunch during the week.

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