April’s Feasts

Being my birthday month, April’s a good one! It’s also Sam’s birthday, so it’s a good month for eating out. Here are my top 3 meals from the month:

Six by Nico

So good that I visited twice this month, Six by Nico serves up a new story every 6 weeks. The first of these stories was ‘The Chippie’ and we got to sample an innovative take on everyone’s chip shop favourites. The meal is a set menu of 6 courses, so it’s not a quick dining experience!

The Chippie2

The Chippie5

The Chippie6

Some of the highlights for me were ‘Scampi’ (Scrabster monkfish cheek) and ‘Smoked Sausage’ (pork and black pudding). The deconstructed ‘Deep Fried Mars Bar’ was also a stand out dish. I had a brilliant experience at Six by Nico and immediately booked in for their new menu ‘Childhood’ in May.

Read my full review of ‘The Chippie’ at Six by Nico here.


After my first visit to Bentoya it quickly became my go to for reasonably priced, good sushi. So many sushi places are either amazing, but expensive or not that good, but cheap. Although not the best sushi in Edinburgh, Bentoya is definitely up there, and because of its good price, it’s my most frequented sushi spot. However, since summer last year it’s been closed for refurbishment, but finally it opened again this month!


I popped in for lunch with some friends to celebrate my birthday and we ordered a selection of dishes to share. We ordered a lot between 4 people, but it was all delicious and we managed to demolish most of it. Some of the highlights at Bentoya are the calamari, spicy edamame and the dragon roll. They also do brilliant bento boxes, which are great if you’re not sharing or looking for a takeaway lunch.

Brunch & Cake

Sam and I travelled to Barcelona last week to visit family, which meant we were lucky enough to be shown around by people who know the area and the best places to eat and drink. Brunch is my favourite meal and Barcelona is not short of great options for this breakfast/lunch hybrid. After trying to grab a table at Brunch & Cake as a group of 4 on a Sunday and being unsuccessful due to the hour and a half wait, Sam and I headed back on Monday, where we were seated immediately.


The menu is filled with so many delicious sounding items, that it took me a while to decide what to order. In the end, I chose the scrambled egg burger, with salmon, roasted sweet potato, feta and yoghurt. All the food here looks incredible and mine was no exception. After taking in the aesthetically pleasing look of the food I got stuck in to the burger and was delighted to find a dollop of hummus was served on top. The bun was lovely and crisp and the combination of toppings with the added hummus was extremely tasty! The yoghurt arrived on the side with strawberries and marshmallows, which were a delightful sweet treat for the end of my meal.


There are several variations of Brunch & Cake over Barcelona and I would certainly recommend finding one to relax and indulge in. The coffees and cakes are also worth stopping in for!

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