Glasgow’s Six by Nico – The Chippie

People can say what they want about social media, but when it allows me to find exciting new eating opportunities like Six by Nico I can’t get enough of it! When I caught sight of the new restaurant from Chef Nico Simeone, I knew I had to get a seat, especially with the menu branded ‘The Chippie’. Simeone is also the man behind the popular Glasgow restaurant 111 by Nico, which means that tables book up quick. However, I managed to get a table for 6 of us at 9.30pm on a Thursday night at the beginning of April.

On arrival, our table wasn’t ready due to previous diners still eating, so we headed to a nearby bar for a quick gin and tonic whilst we waited. As soon as we were seated at 6 by Nico the experience felt immediately special; the staff were enthusiastic (even at 10pm!) and we were seated beside the kitchen, which was fun to watch. The concept of 6 by Nico is a new story every 6 weeks, which means that it’s a set menu that constantly keeps guests on their toes. This also means that the only thing you need to decide on is what to drink, and for me it was pretty simple – the wine pairing.

First up for our Chippie dinner was Chips & Cheese. It arrived in a teacup and consisted of a potato base, topped with a cheese mousse. It was a brilliant way to start the menu and really set the bar for the rest of the meal. Luckily it kept getting better and better!

The Chippie1

Scampi was our second course and was presented in a shell on a plate of cobbles. The Scrabster monkfish cheek not only looked divine, but it was extremely tasty and I thoroughly enjoyed the salty flavour paired with my fruity New Zealand Sauvignon.

The Chippie2

I was already having a great time and then I was served Steak Pie with a Pinot Noir. Here I was lost for words. I’m a big fish lover, so I expected to enjoy those dishes the most, but I fell in love with this one. The taste of the beef, red wine jus and onions were exquisite, and the beef was lovely and tender.

The Chippie3

Next up: The Special Fish. Compared to some of the other dishes, this one didn’t stand out as much for me, but I still really enjoyed it. Especially the light coating of batter, which had the typical salt and vinegar taste of a chippie, but was much more delicate. The Pale Ale that accompanied the cod was a pleasant surprise and thoroughly complimented the dish. I’m not a big beer drinker, but I would definitely have this combo again.

The Chippie4

The fifth course was another stand out for me. After fish, Smoked Sausage would be next in line when I’m ordering at a chippie, so I was pleased to see it on the menu. The sausage was a mixture of pork and black pudding, which again had a delightfully light coating of batter. It was served with apple and celeriac, which I washed down with a glass of Rioja.

The Chippie5

The Chippie6

I was thoroughly looking forward to the Deep Fried Mars Bar for our final course, but I didn’t want the meal to end! This chocolate nougat and salted caramel dish was completed with a glass of Italian white wine and was the perfect ending to our Chippie experience. Before leaving the restaurant we had to book for the next menu, which hadn’t been announced at the time, but we now know is ‘Childhood’. I also booked for my boyfriend and I, as he loved the sound of the menu. We visited again this week and had another outstanding experience!

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