7 Ways to Bring Travel into the Home

Adding some travel items into your home lets you be reminded of memories from romantic beach holidays, escapes with the family or weekend trips with friends. It can also help you connect with places you haven’t visited yet and keep spirits high for pending holidays.

Bed Décor

Little additions to the bedroom such as a cityscape duvet cover or some travel related cushions are a great way to make sure you have sweet dreams of a place you long to visit. New York is my favourite city, so when I spotted this duvet cover I knew I had to have it.



We have quite a few pictures for our flat that have maps on them or luggage tags on them, but we didn’t have any prints of our own trips away. I was thrilled when Jessops opened on Castle Street, Edinburgh and offered to print one of my images. We chose the below skyline of Chicago because we had a brilliant time there and felt that the photo would be a great addition to our flat – we weren’t wrong!



Mexico is the country that is top of my list to visit. I’m obsessed with the food and would love to try authentic tacos and tostadas, but I’m also a big tequila drinker and love anything with cacti designs. When we moved into our first home together our first plant had to be a cactus.



Books are a great way to completely indulge yourself in a country and its people. Stories such as ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and ‘The Hobbit’ help fuel our imaginations and produce wanderlust for new destinations, cultures and food. Once you have a destination in mind guide books are the best way to get the most from your chosen location and make sure you leave no stone unturned!


Travel Souvenirs

A lot of souvenirs can be tacky and something that we pick up with little thought at the end of a holiday. However there are lots of handcrafted, made my locals items that you can find throughout your travels. By doing so, not only can you get a lovely ornament or a piece of jewellery, you can also help individual people rather than large co-operations.



One of the best things I did in Thailand was the Silom Thai Cooking School and after learning to cool traditional meals we were given a small cookbook to take home. This meant that we could recreate dishes that would remind us of our trip and bring back fantastic memories. Cookbooks can also be a way of inspiring you to visit new places and find out more about cuisines you’re interested in (like I am with Mexico).


Food Items

Alongside cookbooks, ingredients and food items are another way to prolong a holiday and the memories it gave you. Being a lover of food, I try to eat as many new items as possible and it’s brilliant to be able to take a taste of the city home with me. Snacks are a great thing to buy because they tend to have a long sell by date, but drinks can be a good option too. Make sure to check a country’s customs rules before making a food purchase.


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