How to Spend 2 Days in Lisbon

Day 1

Morning: My friend, Anjuli, and I wanted to see as much of Lisbon as possible over our weekend and we chose to explore the city with Wild Walkers free tours. After breakfast we met our guide in Rossio Square at 10.30am to start our tour of Bairro Alto and Chiado. The tour is a brilliant introduction to Lisbon because a local guide informs you of the history of the city, as well as providing recommendation for your stay. Although it’s predominantly a sightseeing tour, there are a couple of foodie stops along the way, which thoroughly enhanced the tour for me. Start your visit to Lisbon by getting lost in the city with Wild Walkers!

Bairro Alto1

Bairro Alto2

Afternoon: Now that you have started to get your bearings and learn a little of the back story to this beautiful city it’s time to grab some lunch. Lost in Esplanada Bar is a quirky rooftop bar not far from Bairro Alto. Be sure to grab a table around the edge to take in the stunning view across the city. There is a good variety on the menu, but I recommend the duck salad, which pairs brilliantly with a fruity sangria. After you have eaten you can move from the restaurant area to more relaxed drinks section. Here you can collapse into colourful, comfortable sofa beds and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation.

Lost in Esplanada1

Evening: When you’ve finished relaxing and are ready for the evening head to Pistola y Corazon, where you can indulge in tacos & tequila. Pistola y Corazon is extremely popular, so prepare to wait for a table; our wait was over an hour. However, once we had ordered a couple of margaritas, which come in bags, the time passed relatively quickly. We ordered an assortment of foods to share and it was all incredible – hot, spicy and bursting with flavour! If you want fabulous food with a bustling atmosphere, Pistola y Corazon is the place for you.

Pistola y Corazon1

Pistola y Corazon2

Once you’ve finished your dinner and drinks, head to The Pink Street where you can continue your evening of fun. Rua Nova do Carvalho was previously the Red Light District of Lisbon before it was regenerated into the trendy Pink Street. Here you will find lots of bars and clubs where you can dance the night away!

The Pink Street2

The Pink Street1

Day 2

Morning: If you enjoyed your Wild Walkers tour then why not take their Alfama Tour, where you can learn about Lisbon’s Old Town. You learn about the culture of Lisbon and its people, whilst taking in breathtaking views over the city. Once the tour is over you can keep learning about Lisbon’s traditions by eat Bacalhau for lunch, or listening to authentic Portuguese music, Fado.


Bacalhau is cod, which can be served many different ways and is a common dish for the Portuguese to eat. After lunch you can jump on Tram 28 to take you through Alfama and back to Bairro Alto.


Afternoon: Lisbon is known as a ‘City of 7 Hills’, so after your walk around Alfama you deserve a reward. This reward comes in the form of a delicious custard tart, also known as pastel de nata. Take the train to Belem and queue up for the original pastel de nata from Pasteis de Belem. Custard desserts are not something that I usually love, but oh my goodness I could eat a million of these. They are the perfect sweet treat to enjoy whilst watching the sunset on Belem Tower.

Belem Tower

Evening: I absolutely loved Lisbon and this was mostly down to the views and the food. Time Out Market was one of my favourite parts of our trip. Ideal for any diners, this market offers a huge range of Lisbon’s finest food. The set up is casual, with people trying to find a seat where they can. But, the atmosphere works well for a chilled out meal or a lively night.

After having a look at the stalls, buying a bottle of red wine and finding a seat, take it in turns to order your food food. I opted for sushi from Confraria and chicken satay and spring rolls from Asian Lab. It was a lot of food, but I wanted to try it all because it looked so delicious. And I wasn’t wrong – it was incredible!

Time Out3

Time Out4

I could visit Time Out Market every week and eat something different, but I could also keep ordering the same dishes. This foodie hotspot is the perfect way to end a fantastic weekend in Lisbon. Although, to really end a trip in Lisbon you need to finish with a shot of ginjinha, which is a sour cherry liquer. Gina de Obidos serves this Portuguese alcohol in a chocolate cup for added flavour!



5 thoughts on “How to Spend 2 Days in Lisbon

  1. I used to live in Lisbon and it’s soooo beautiful! Although I’m probably bias haha! I miss it so much everything is art there. My favourite places were definitely the old town of Alfama and exploring the little cheese and wine bars there as well as a trip out to sintra to see pena palace or the beach at caiscais! I miss it every day and can’t wait to return later this year thank you for reignighting my love affair with this city! X

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