8 Things to See & Eat in Chicago

Chicago is a top city to spend a few days in during a USA road trip and with its architecture, green space and great foodie options it’s easy to see why.



Baseball is a very American sport and Chicago is home to one of the country’s best teams: The Cubs. The Cubs play at Wrigley Field, which is the second oldest Major League Park and a great attraction to visit, even when there’s no baseball on. Unfortunately, the Cubs were playing away the weekend my boyfriend and I were in Chicago, but we managed to catch a White Sox game.


We were disappointed to miss the Cubs, but we thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere at the Sox. And the Crackerjack and beers made the event even more fun!


River Cruise

Before arriving in Chicago, we had been advised to take a River Cruise. The Chicago Architecture Foundation provide a mesmerising tour of Chicago’s foundations, buildings and history. The guides are passionate and knowledgeable about the variety of buildings that make up the Windy City. The cruise itself is a lovely way to see Chicago, especially on a warm day.

River Cruise 1

Millennium Park

Millenium Park1

You can’t come to this city and not visit ‘The Bean’. Showing that they can host more than buildings, Chicago erected Cloud Gate, which has more commonly become known as ‘The Bean’ because of its shape. The Bean is situated in Millenium Park, so you can take a walk through the grass and relax in the sunshine, whilst examining the structure of Cloud Gate.

Millenium Park2

Willis Tower

This is the tallest building in Chicago and the second tallest building in the US, which makes it a must-visit in a city that prides itself on architecture. Make your way to the 103rd floor where you will receive incredible views across the Windy City. If you’re brave enough you can even venture out on to The Ledge. The Ledge is a glass balcony that extends out of the Willis Tower and lets you really take in just how high this building is.

Willis Tower1

Willis Tower2

Billy Goat Tavern

Billy Goat Tavern1

Billy Goat Tavern was established in the early 1900’s and has drawn in locals and tourists since. Sam spotted it on Man V. Food and it seemed like the perfect place to line our stomach before beers at the baseball. If you’re looking for delicious fast food, then head here for mountains of crispy fries and juicy cheezborger’s!

Billy Goat Tavern2


If you’re not sold on Chicago yet, then Giordano’s is the only reason you need to plan a visit. No one can go to Chicago and not have deep dish pizza – it’s part of the cultural experience! We received recommendations throughout our travels in the US and learned that the number 1 spot for deep dish is Giordano’s. It’s extremely popular, so be prepared to wait for a table. However, you can order your food before you’re seated to make sure that you’re not continuously waiting. We chose the Chicago Classic Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza because it included both meat and veg and we opted for the small size because we also had some wings to start.


The pizza is ridiculously big, but ridiculously tasty; the buttery crust was one of my favourite parts! It’s no wonder that Giordano’s took one of the spots for my Favourite USA Foods From 2016 list.


Taco in a Bag

This was a surprise meal for us, but definitely one of our favourites. When we arrived in town we realised that Taste of Chicago was taking place and we were delighted! We managed to sample many delights at this foodie festival, but Taco in a Bag was the most memorable. The Big Jim Reeve’s is what Sam and I ordered and I would have this again and again. However, their menu looks incredible and I would certainly want to try more of their bags of goodness.

Taco in a Bag

El Jefe

This is another place that we didn’t expect to eat at. After leaving our hotel and heading for the Willis Tower we came across El Jefe food truck at the side of the road and being massive taco lovers, we just had to grab one. They were small in size but big in flavour, which is exactly what I want in a taco! Food is a big part of Chicagoan culture and they have a lot of food truck options that are perfect for grabbing a bite to eat on the go.

El Jefe1

El Jefe2

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