5 Movies that Inspire Travel

Mary-Kate and Ashley Movies

I grew up idolising these girls, and I still think they are fabulous. They were always jet setting and having unbelievable adventures, whilst still managing to look incredible. Every single movie was basically my life goal; falling in love in Paris, yachting with friends in Sydney, interning in Rome, the list goes on. These girls are to blame for my high expectations when travelling!


The Lion King

Going on a safari is at the top of my bucket list, and the Lion King goes a long way to inspiring this dream. The Masai Mara or Kruger National Park just seem so far from any day-to-day experience; I can’t imagine there is anywhere quite like these places. The colours in The Lion King are so attractive, there is just no way they couldn’t make you want to go on a safari! This movie introduces people to a new world; full of animals and sights they have never experience before.

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Disney is an expert at turning people into dreamers, and this is exactly what UP does to me. This film shows 2 young people obsessed with travel, so they save all their money for adventures. I’m sure this plot feels very familiar for a lot of viewers; it certainly does for me! The main understanding that I take away from UP is to never let opportunity go by. It is very easy for all of us to say ‘someday’ or ‘one day’, but that day is today! If we don’t go after things while we can, we may miss our chance; life is fleeting, so do what makes you happy. And remember… “Adventure is out there!”


Not technically a movie, but I am obsessed with this documentary. Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach travel the world, explore with locals and invite us to learn alongside them. I love that the boys have different personalities and interests; travel has something for everyone and Departures shows this. They do a lot of hikes and treks, which I really enjoy because I love seeing the incredible views and scenery. Most films are based in 1 country, but because Scott and Justin are travelling around we are exposed to new places and new ideas for our bucket lists!

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Tracks is the story of how 1 girl crossed the Outback, from Alice Springs to the West Coast, with 1 dog and 4 camels. I came across this film on Netflix completely by chance and though it sounded fascinating – I was not wrong! The strength and determination Robyn Davidson has is admirable and this movie leaves you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world.

2 thoughts on “5 Movies that Inspire Travel

  1. I haven’t seen those Mary-Kate and Ashley movies in years! I’m going to have to dig out a copy and re-watch them. I hadn’t heard of Tracks but it sounds amazing, I love movies with good scenery and I actually know very little about Australia so it would be cool to learn more x



    1. They are very nostalgic! So many different cities and countries to choose from, which is great. The red center wasn’t a part of Australia I knew much about either, so I thoroughly enjoyed Tracks – I hope you do to!


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