6 Favourite USA Foods from 2016

This year we spent 2 weeks in Miami, New Orleans and Chicago and sampled the many culinary delights that this food loving country has to offer. Below are some of my favourite dishes from the holiday!


It’s safe to say that tacos are my favourite food every year and the USA does great ones – especially in Miami! As soon as we landed in the sunshine state we made a beeline for the beach, and after a family recommendation, the edible delights of Taquiza. Taquiza is a cute taqueria and its fun beach vibe makes for a great lunch hideout during a hot summers day. I loved everything about this place; the chilled out atmosphere and the delicious food made it a fantastic meal. I can 100% recommend the pollo, asada and chorizo tacos, and don’t forget to order chips, guac and salsa!

Cuban Sandwich

Since I watched the movie Chef I have been obsessed with eating a Cuban sandwich, and not just any sandwich – it had to be from Versailles in Miami. After spending the months leading up to our holiday continuously thinking and talking about this incredible looking sandwich, I certainly had great expectations. Luckily my hopes were not crushed – it’s one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. The bread is golden and crisp and is packed full of meat and cheese, with the perfect amount of mustard and pickle. Being a huge restaurant don’t expect an intimate meal, but it was easy to get a table at this famous restaurant because of the size. I would recommend popping in for lunch rather than dinner.


Shrimp Po-Boy

New Orleans is somewhere that I was desperate to visit for the history, people and most importantly the food! As a city, New Orleans has a fascinating food culture, full of long standing traditions and being located next to the Mississippi River there are a wide range of seafood options. A shrimp po-boy is just one of the many dishes to choose from, but it sure is a good one! After a heavy night on Bourbon Street we headed to Domilise’s, which is loved by both locals and tourists because of its never disappointing food. Domilise’s is a family run business, which has been serving New Orleans traditions for almost 100 years. Po-boys are usually filled with meat or seafood and served on local bread, which is crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. The shrimp po-boy comes dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickle and mayo and is the ultimate feel good food – make sure to add hot sauce!




Beignets were another item that made it onto my must-eat list after watching Chef and they are the sweetest thing I have eaten this year. Café du Monde is the most popular spot to get your sugar fix and it’s easy to see why. Being a very famous destination this café always has a queue, but the turnover is reasonably quick and the food is worth the wait. Beignets are fried dough topped with powdered sugar, which are traditionally eaten for breakfast. We headed down in the morning to start our day on a (sugar) high and we were not disappointed. At Café du Monde the beignets come in sets of 3, so we ordered one portion to share and that was enough for us. The fresh dough is lovely and warm and after the initial crunch, the doughnut melted in my mouth – definitely a breakfast of champions!



Deep Dish Pizza

When we decided to visit Chicago, I knew we had to eat a deep dish pizza and during our travels we had been advised that Giordano’s is the best in town.
Once again we were filled with high hopes for a fantastic meal that luckily lived up to our expectations! Because of its popularity, we did have to wait for a while for a table, but we had thought that this might be the case. We opted for the Chicago Classic Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza because it included both meat and veg and we chose the small size because we also had some wings to start. Giordano’s have been perfecting their menu for over 200 years and the family recipe traces back to Torina, Italy. The pizzas are gigantic and extremely filling, but the soft, buttery crust is simply divine and even when my belly was stuffed I couldn’t stop eating! Make sure to turn up to Giordano’s very hungry.



Sushi Burrito

Instagram is a great way to find out about new and exciting foods and I spend hours drooling over my favourite NYC foodie account @new_fork_city. Here I spotted the ultimate combination, a mixture of my 2 favourite cuisines: Mexican and Japanese. This hybrid is called the sushi burrito and is served at Uma Temakaria. It’s a small eatery near Greenwich Village, which serves Japanese food and specialises in the sushi burrito. After spotting this delight on Instagram we took an uber across town just to sample its delights! The set up is similar to Chipotle or a sandwich bar with different ingredients to choose from; we opted for the Uma-Rito with avocado instead of carrots. The burrito itself is just like a usual hand roll but bigger in size; this is great for a quick lunch because you can order one item that you know will fill you rather than having to order a few sushi items to make a meal. I loved our combination and wish I had a place selling sushi burritos near my work!



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