Edinburgh Food Club – Mussel and Steak Bar

Due to a busy November, including a girls weekend in Amsterdam, we postponed The Food Club until December. Katie has definitely been the most organised Food Clubber so far, because she knew from the beginning that she was going to pick Mussel and Steak Bar, which meant the date was picked and booked quickly. I had only been to Mussel and Steak once previously for lunch and I really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to experiencing dinner here on a Friday night.

Once again there was a good turn out, with 11 of us in total and because of this we were seated upstairs at a large table in the corner. This was a well thought-out decision from the management, as it meant that we had our own space. Being a Friday we ordered plenty of drinks before opening the menu and were very lucky to be gifted 2 bottles of prosecco!


As the name suggests, this restaurant specialises in mussels and steak, but they have a varied menu and some excellent specials that are suited to all tastes. Of course I needed to sample both of the specialties, this resulted in choosing grilled mussels with garlic butter to start and steak for my main. A fillet steak is usually my meat of choice, but luckily Kirsten noticed the picanha, which I jumped at the chance to order. Picanha is a delicious cut of meat, but not one that I’ve seen on many menus; I was already enjoying my visit to Mussel and Steak!

After a short while of indulging in bread and prosecco the starters arrived and I was instantly pleased with my choice. They looked very appetizing and tasted as good as they looked. I’m a big fan of garlic and there was plenty of it in the butter on my mussels! The mussels themselves were lovely and meaty, yet soft and delicate at the same time.


A gin and tonic later and it was time for the main courses. As expected the pincanha was delicious and full of intense flavour. Pincanha has more fat on it that fillet, which helps enhance the taste, but the fantastic seasoning played a big part in the flavour. It was a generous portion of meat and I was extremely full by the time I finished.


This was another great experience at Mussel and Steak Bar and I will definitely come back for both lunch and dinner. As a large group I did feel that we were slightly out of the atmosphere of the restaurant and I did become aware that we were very noisy for other diners! However, the staff never once made us feel out of place and they were very attentive all evening (even with our frequent drinks orders); they were brilliant hosts!


Atmosphere – 3.5
Food – 4.5
Price – 3.5
Service – 5

Total – 16.5/20

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