6 Must-Dos in Melbourne

Queen Victoria Market

This foodie haven is the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere, and being really into food, it was one of the first places my boyfriend and I visited once we arrived in Melbourne. Queen Vic has a huge range of produce that you can take your time exploring before deciding what to have for your lunch. Whatever you choose make sure dessert is from American Doughnut – the doughnuts are sweet goodness and the queue is worth it!


Old Melbourne Gaol

The Old Melbourne Gaol is a great activity because it has something for everyone. Your ticket will give you access to the Watch House Experience and the Gaol; they recommend allowing 1.5 hours to make your way around, which is roughly how long it took us to do both parts. The Watch House is an interactive experience, which is informative, but in a fun way; the Gaol is a museum that is also full of information, but more serious than the Watch House. Both parts are an ideal way to learn about Melbourne’s history on your arrival to this diverse city.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

MCG is considered one of the greatest stadiums in the world, so when travelling with a sport professional I knew we would be making a stop by this iconic location. The stadium is impressive to see, but if you can time your visit with a cricket match or an Aussie Rules game it will be even more spectacular! MCG comes alive during a sport match; you get the chance to soak up the atmosphere and appreciate the ground at its best. Established 20 years after the city was founded, MCG is a pivotal part of Melbourne.


National Sports Museum

The National Sports Museum is part of MCG and gives another reason to visit the mesmerizing stadium, even if there isn’t a game on. This is a fantastic family activity because of the amount there is to see and the different sports that are acknowledged here. There is also a large interactive section to the museum, which can be enjoyed by all ages! The National Sports Museum is a brilliant addition to a country that has provided us with many fantastic sports teams.


Federation Square

This square is the heart of Melbourne and with a selection of shops, bars and restaurants it’s easy to see why it became so popular. Although all of this provides a great reason to visit the square, my draw was what it’s made off – Kimberley sandstone. The sandstone gives a beautiful and distinctive appearance to the façade of Fed Square and adds to its appeal – as well as having a great name! Across the street you will find Flinders Street Station, which was the first train station in an Australian city and is definitely worth a look around.


Immigration Museum

Immigration is a huge part of Australian history and this museum is the perfect place to find out how this great country has come to be what it is today. Since 1978 Britons have been travelling to New South Wales and between 1940 and 1960 over 3 million Europeans immigrated to Australia. This goes to show that Australia has been a sought after destination for many years. The Immigration Museum is a must for all travellers and if you’re a student you can gain entry for free!

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