Edinburgh Food Club – Steak on Stones

The October Food Club was chosen by Fran and after much deliberation, she finally decided on Steak on Stones. This is the first restaurant chosen for The Food Club that I had been to previously, but I thoroughly enjoyed the food on my first visit, so I was looking forward to trying it again. Steak on Stones is part of the restaurant simply labeled ‘Steak’, but is a fun dining experience where guests cook their own meat on a stone plate. Because of the interactive set up Steak on Stones is ideal for groups; there were 6 of us dining, which is a good number for the experience.


Before arriving at the restaurant I was (easily) persuaded by Kirsten to try the Meat Roulette, which is £50 for 2 people and includes 200g of rump, 150g of kangaroo, 150g of mystery meat, 2 sides, 2 sauces and 2 glasses of wine. When ordering we had to roll a dice and were told that the number we rolled would determine our mystery meat; this was a nice touch as it added to the fun of the evening.


It took an extremely long time for the food to come, which was also the case on my first visit, but it was worth the wait. I really enjoyed the sharing style of the meal with the different meats and sides, but it was irritating that we had to wait even longer for some sides and 2 sauces (which we had to ask for again). Nevertheless, the food was delicious and I would order everything again – except the macaroni cheese, which I found to be quite bland. Our mystery meat was bison and was unexpectedly tasty, and quite possibly my favourite meat of the 3 because it was full of flavour. The chips here are to die for; the best way to describe them is similar to chip shop chips, but thin and crunchy – make sure to order lots of these! The peas, leeks and bacon, alongside the creamed corn are also excellent choices for sides. The only time we were approached by a member of staff was to check if we needed our stone plate changed, this was great, but it would have been preferable if they had checked a few more times for drinks and again to clear our plates.


After another rather long wait, we ordered and received dessert; I opted for the fudge doughnut. I enjoyed my choice, but I was immediately jealous after tasting the banoffee pie and I would definitely order this on my next visit.

I had a great evening at Steak on Stones, as I find it a fantastic group eating and drinking experience. The food is great, but I also think it’s quite expensive and the service is certainly below average. I would definitely go back again, but mainly for the enjoyable and fun atmosphere – and of course the chips!


Atmosphere – 5
Food – 4
Price – 3
Service – 2

Total – 14/20

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