Edinburgh Food Club – Bodega

After a month off from The Food Club during the busy Fringe month, Colleen chose Bodega for our September restaurant. As a huge lover of tacos I had been meaning to try this little taqueria for ages, so I was very excited! There were 11 of us in total, which meant that we took up the majority of the extremely small restaurant. This was great because we had almost the whole restaurant to ourselves, but the downside was that there was a group coming in after us, so we had to be out by a certain time.

Because there were so many of us we were told before we arrived that we would be ordering from a set menu. This gave us a selection of starters to share, the choice of 2 tacos each and a selection of desserts to round off the meal. We were told the price would be £25 each, for the 3 courses and corkage – Bodega is BYOB. This price is extremely reasonable because we got a lot of food. The worst part for me was choosing what to order; I wanted to try them all!

The menu is full of classic taco flavours and offers something for everyone. As well as the regular menu there is a substantial choice of special tacos, philly cheese steak and buffalo chicken are just a couple of examples. There was such an incredible amount of choice that I had to team up with a friend to try more flavours! After much deliberation we settled on 2 buffalo chicken tacos, carne asada tacos and tempura prawn tacos.


The selection of starters set the bar high with an incredible salmon ceviche, I already can’t wait to have this again! The chips and dips, alongside the chicken wings were a welcome addition to start our meal. The tacos were bigger than I expected, but they were all very tasty. My favourite flavour had to be the tempura prawn but I thought the buffalo chicken and blue cheese also worked well! However, I did feel the tacos themselves didn’t taste like the corn tortillas that I’m used to in Mexican restaurants. Apart from the size they seemed more toasted than typical soft, corn tacos. The desserts consisted of churros con chocolate and crocodile pie. I thoroughly enjoyed both (especially the churros); they were an excellent way to end our meal on a sweet note.



Bodega has a very intimate atmosphere; being so small the ambience can completely change depending on who is dining. Everything about Bodega was enjoyable and I will definitely be back. However, because Mexican food is my favourite I had high expectations and unfortunately they weren’t the best tacos I’ve ever had, but I did enjoy the variety of different flavours!


Atmosphere – 4
Food – 4
Price – 4
Service – 4

Total – 16/20

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