British Airways Business Class: Champagne & Afternoon Tea!

Previously, I had only ever flown Economy or World Traveller Plus, so when my boyfriend Sam found a fantastic deal to travel to the USA in Business Class I was suddenly very excited!

Our experience started in the BA Lounge at Dublin Airport where we enjoyed Irish soda bread for breakfast before boarding our flight. Sam had chosen seats upstairs because who doesn’t want to sit on the top of a plane?! We settled down in our luxurious seats, with as much legroom as you could hope for, and we were immediately offered champagne – which we gladly accepted (we also took 2 waters – hydration is important)!



Along with the champagne and having a good night’s sleep, the food was something I was really looking forward to. I quickly picked up the menu and although all the choices were great, I knew straight away what I was going to order. I’m a huge salmon fan, so I chose the smoked salmon with horseradish cream to start, the macaroni and cheese as my main and the chocolate fondant as my dessert. Sam had pre-ordered the beef as his main, but I decided to wait and see what I fancied on the day, this was a mistake because they had run out of macaroni. I was pretty disappointed, but I settled for the beef; luckily the surprise of afternoon tea later in the flight lifted my spirits!




The food is served with proper crockery and looks a lot more appetising than the usual airplane food. I could not fault the starter at all; in fact I could have eaten this again! It was extremely delicious and definitely something I would order in a restaurant. Each starter also came with an added side salad, which was lovely and refreshing. Again, I enjoyed my main course, but as the beef is cooked through it was too well done for my liking. However, the dauphinoise potatoes were both crispy and creamy, with the roasted veg also being a good side. The chocolate fondant with orange confit provided a great sweetness to the end of the meal. One of the best parts of the meal was that I could enjoy my dinner in a spacious environment, whilst sitting and chatting across from Sam.

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After our food it was time to settle down and enjoy some in flight entertainment before going to sleep. The entertainment options seemed pretty standard; BA always has quite a few options. Once I had finished the Jungle Book I made sure to ask the flight attendant to wake me up before afternoon tea was served; there’s no way I wanted to miss out! I woke up from the best sleep I’ve had on a plane to the smell of warm scones and the sandwiches and cakes didn’t disappoint. The only problem was that I was incredibly full and I couldn’t indulge on the snacks that were available for us to help ourselves to throughout the flight. However, I certainly took advantage of the continuous stream of champagne we were offered!


Our return flight was through the night, so we grabbed a shower and dinner in the Miami BA Lounge before boarding. There was a taco station, which I was delighted with and we completed our dinner by enjoying a cheese and wine course.



Once again we chose seats upstairs and got comfortable with a glass of champagne. However, this time as soon as we had taken off we settled down to sleep and chose not be woken for breakfast, but when we woke up before landing we were offered a refreshing smoothie to start our day. I used my amenities bag (including toothbrush and moisturer) to freshen up and before I knew it our BA Business Class experience was over! BA always offer a great flight but I cannot recommend their Business Class enough; the food was amazing and the service very sleek and efficient – if that doesn’t sway you surely the thought of a good nights sleep will?!


Extra Tip:

Look out for Business Class offers from cities that are cheap to fly to from your home city. The cost of the Economy flight from Edinburgh to Miami was the same as the cost of the Business Class flight from Dublin to Miami; our only extra cost was our cheap Ryanair flight to Dublin!


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