4 of the Best South Island Views in NZ

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries I have been to and I was lucky enough to travel through the North and South Island. Below are some of my most memorable views from my trip!

Arthurs Pass

If you are travelling through NZ and going East to West (or vice versa), then you will have to go over Arthur’s Pass. Depending on where on the West you are going it can be a long journey; it took us 5 hours to get to Franz Josef from Christchurch, but the amazing views made it worthwhile! As soon as you leave Christchurch you can see the Southern Alps that surround Arthur’s Pass and you know that you are in for a wonderful drive.

Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. From the views from the Church of the Good Shepherd to the views of Lake Tekapo from the Mt John Observatory, this place is simply amazing! Lake Tekapo also has one of the most spectacular night skies; the clarity and amount of stars that can be seen here is incredible. Make sure to drive out to a dark spot or up to the Mt John Observatory for the best night sky views.

Lake Tekapo1

Lake Tekapo2

Skyline Queenstown

Queenstown is a major tourist destination for all visitors into NZ and it’s easy to see why; this town has so much to offer in terms of fun and excitement. Quite a few of the activities from my Adventure Must-Dos in New Zealand list were from Queenstown, as it’s very well known for adventure sports. Although I’m terrified of heights many of the activities involve being up high, which also means that they provide fantastic sights; the Luge in particular has a brilliant view over the Queenstown Bay! If you want to see the great sights but you don’t want to Luge down, there is the option of taking the Skyline Gondola up to the top where you can admire the scenery, enjoy lunch and take the Gondola back down again.



Doubtful Sound

If you want to experience the NZ wilderness and have the time, definitely take a day trip to Doubtful Sound. Doubtful is one of the largest fiords in the National Park and although it is further from Queenstown than Milford Sound it is definitely worth the journey. There are many tours you can take from Queenstown to Doubtful Sound but we opted for the Real Journeys Wilderness Cruise, which included a coach transfer, cruise and a trip to the Manapouri Underground Power Station. Doubtful Sound and the Fiorland National Park is one of the wettest places in the world and there is an abundance of beautiful flora and fauna, which makes the cruise through the Sound spectacular and extremely serene.

Doubtful Sound1

Doubtful Sound2

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