7 Things to See & Eat in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best places to stopover for a few days. It’s such a pretty city and you can eat your weight in chicken satay – what more could you want?!


Changi Museum

Changi Museum was somewhere we knew we would visit in Singapore, as my boyfriend’s great grandfather was a POW there, and the museum is devoted to everyone that lived, and died, in Singapore during WW2. The museum itself is quite small and intimate, but there is a great audio guide and there is a large amount of information. As well as being a very personal experience for us, it also provided a great insight, despite being in an extremely sad way, into Singapore’s history.

Marina Bay Sands

As well as being a very luxurious hotel, Marina Bay Sands is an amazing structure that really makes an impression on the Singapore skyline. If you can stay in the hotel you will be met with spectacular views from their infinity pool, however if your accommodation budget is a little lower, take a wander down to the marina and enjoy the view of the hotel itself.


Sentosa is an island resort in Singapore and has a lot of fun activities for tourists and families. From Singapore, walk along the Sentosa Boardwalk, taking in the beautiful scenery; it is not a long walk and there are travellators to help people get to the island quicker. There is a lot to do on Sentosa, including Universal Studios, an aquarium, beaches and golf clubs, which makes it a very fun place to be and explore!


Gardens by the Bay

If you have the time I would visit the Gardens by the Bay during the day and in the evening, but if you don’t have time for both, I would choose  just to visit at night, so you can see it all lit up! There are over 1,000 different plants in these waterfront Gardens and it’s extremely magical, but it can also be exceptionally busy. However, it is a must-visit because of the amazing display of lights, as well as the fantastic view of the Marina Bay Sans hotel – and the rest of Singapore!

Gardens by the Bay3


Hawker Centres

We heard about hawker centres before we arrived in Singapore, and we definitely wanted to head there ASAP, as we were sure it would be the best way to get a taste of the local cuisine. We visited a few different hawker centres and ate a selection of dishes, but the chicken satay from the Old Airport Road Hawker Center and the spring rolls from the Maxwell Food Center stand out prominently in my mind. As well as the delicious food, the whole experience is great; at Old Airport Road we shared a table with a local couple and their son, and alongside swapping stories we also shared each other’s food. Hawker centres are a fantastic way to get to know the local people and their food, and it was where I ate my favourite meals in Singapore.

Hawker Center1

Hawker Center2

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay has a great buzz about it in the evening. It’s a lot more touristy than the hawker centers but there’s still a mixture of people, which creates a fantastic atmosphere. We had found a place online that serves a great curry and beer combo, and when we set eyes on the small restaurant with outdoor tables and bar stools we knew it would be right up our street. Funnily enough the restaurant is called Pint and Curries. My beer of choice was a strawberry Fruli and for my curry I decided on the classic chicken tikka masala. I thoroughly enjoyed both of my choices, and strawberry Fruli is now my favourite beer! The nan breads here are delicious too.

Genki Sushi

There’s so much to see and do in Singapore and Genki Sushi is a great way to save time because it’s a conveyer belt sushi restaurant. We stumbled upon this lunch spot whilst shopping on Orchard Road and it was the perfect quick lunch stop. This chain was established in Japan and offers a good selection; it’s not the best sushi I’ve ever had but it is better quality than the chain sushi options we have in the UK.

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