Edinburgh Food Club – The Salisbury Arms

After the success of our first meal, it quickly fell to Christine to organise our second get together and this time it was Sunday Lunch at the Salisbury Arms. None of us had been previously, so we were looking forward to a new setting with, good food and good company.

When we arrived we found we had been allocated a large round table (there were 6 of us), which was perfect because it meant we could all chat and catch up. The staff seemed friendly enough but we didn’t see much of them. Being a Sunday it was relatively busy, but the wait did feel a bit excessive. We managed to order drinks and we decided to share some starters, we settled on the bury black pudding cake, breaded brie and salt and pepper squid. The brie and the squid were great choices and went down a treat, however the brie wasn’t great for sharing; we assumed it would come in small pieces, but it was a whole chunk of brie. The black pudding cake was good but there was a lot more potato than black pudding, so it wasn’t as enjoyable as expected.

I had decided before arriving that I was definitely getting a roast. I’m not usually a roast person, as I’m very particular about my gravy (no one beats my Mum’s), but I really wanted to try their trio of roasts. After what felt like a very long time (and probably was), our starter plates were cleared and our mains brought out. My roast was a good size and came with pork, beef and chicken, as well as pigs in blankets, roast potatoes and the biggest Yorkshire pudding I’ve ever seen! I found that the meats were cooked well, and the potatoes were delicious. My only issue was with the gravy, as it was a bit rich for my taste. However, I did still enjoy my meal and my friend’s dishes also looked tasty.

Salisbury Arms3

Although we were all full, we still managed to squeeze in dessert! I was won over by the chocolate brownie, and it was an excellent choice (once I finally received it)! The brownie was lovely and had a fantastic gooey texture; it was definitely my favourite part of my lunch. I got a huge slice, which I can’t complain about, but it did start to get a bit sickly – and I have zero will power!

Salisbury Arms4

Overall, I found the Salisbury Arms to be very average. I did enjoy my meal but I would like to go back in a smaller group to see if the service improves. I would also be tempted to try the chicken pie because I spent most of my meal eyeing it up!


Atmosphere – 3
Food – 3
Price – 3
Service – 2

Total – 11/20

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