Barburrito Masterclass: Burritos & Beers, Edinburgh

Most people probably know that Mexican is my first choice when it comes to food (who can say no to a zesty, chunky guacamole?!), so I jumped at the chance to attend Barburrito’s Masterclass at their new restaurant. Barburrito prides itself on being the UK’s first burrito bar, and what a treat for us that they have recently opened up 2 new restaurants in Edinburgh. The one that I visited this week is on Lothian Road and the second establishment is at Shandwick Place. Both of these locations are very central, and surrounded by bars and shops.


As soon as I arrived, I knew I was going to have a great time at Barburrito. The staff were extremely welcoming and they continued to be great hosts throughout our masterclass. The event started with chips and salsa and a nice, cold beer (I did ask for a margarita but unfortunately they were out, which was disappointing, but it gives me another reason to go back)! The salsa was very fresh and tasty but I would have preferred homemade corn chips, this would have complimented the flavours of the salsa more. Once everyone had arrived we were given an introduction to Barburrito before a platter of tasters arrived. This was fantastic because we were presented with every ingredient they have to offer. I didn’t try anything that I didn’t like, but I took a strong liking to the chorizo. This ingredient intrigued me because it’s not something that is readily available at many burrito bars. The gooey cheese dip also had me diving in for more, and although I didn’t put this on my final burrito, I would certainly choose it as a side for chips.


After the taster platter, it was time to perfect our burrito folding skills. Steph, who was looking after us, gave us a demonstration before providing us with a tortilla and rice to practice on. Once we had the general idea, we stepped behind the bar with the professionals. It was slightly daunting because there were still customers ordering their dinner, but I was excited to make my burrito exactly the way I wanted, under expert guidance. I chose to fill my bulging burrito with rice, black beans, chicken, chorizo, peppers and onions, cheese, sour cream, medium salsa, picco de gallo and quacamole. All I can say is Oh. My. God. I normally prefer a burrito bowl but this was fantastic, and the ingredients would be a taste sensation in any form.


I had a very fun and informative night at Barburrito; I loved having the experience of creating my own food with restaurant quality ingredients. The restaurant itself offers a warm and chilled setting where you can enjoy your chosen meal, or you can takeaway. Barburrito will definitely be the top of my list when I need a quick Mexican fix!


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