7 Ways Harry Potter Inspires us to Travel

7 Ways Harry Potter Inspires us to Travel

Anyone who knows me, knows that my love for Harry Potter and travel come pretty close to equal. I feel that the two complement each other, and here are the reasons why.

Diagon Alley

“In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own”.

Dumbledore inspires us to look outside of our comfort zone and venture into new worlds, where we can explore new places. All of the books are filled with details of magical places, of a whole new world, that make us dream of going everywhere and seeing everything.

Dumbledore's Office

“It is the unknown that we fear”.

Dumbledore, being the great wizard that he is, recognises that although we may all want to travel we can be prevented by fear; the fear of travelling somewhere new, the fear of travelling alone, or the fear of travelling far from home. However…

“You sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve”.

Ginny reminds us that bravery can conquer all, and if we allow ourselves to overcome our fears, then the world is our oyster.

“That’s not just a broomstick, Harry, it’s a Nimbus 2000”.

Just like many travellers, Ron is very enthusiastic about different modes of transport. However, in both the Muggle and magical world, not all transportation is enjoyable. Flying first class may be great, but being cramped on an overnight bus/train is less than ideal. Jo opened our eyes to some mesmerising ideas of travel, and some beautiful landscapes that transportation can take us to.

Hogwarts Express

“When they say every flavour they mean every flavour”.

Food is such a huge part of travelling and is a recurring theme in the Harry Potter books. Just like a traveller, Harry enters a new world and is surrounded by intriguing, exotic foods that he cannot wait to try! Experiences can be enhanced through taste, and we can learn so much about a place and it’s people through the local cuisine.


“There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other”.

Here Jo describes perfectly the relationships that build between travellers. Travelling allows us to meet so many different, vibrant and interesting people – not unlike the people Harry meets in his world. Some of the strongest bonds are built through sharing new experiences with strangers.

“Death is but the next great adventure”

Like us, Dumbledore looks at everything as an adventure. Everything we do, and every decision we make leads us down a new path filled with excitement and wisdom.


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