Edinburgh Food Club – Hanedan

My friends and I decided at the beginning of the year that we wanted to try new restaurants in Edinburgh. There are so many great places here and numerous new eateries opening up, that it would be a shame not to visit as many as possible!

It has taken us since January to get this started, but we finally went to our first restaurant earlier this month. Alphabetically seemed the fairest way to start with the restaurant choices, so Becca was first up and her pick was Hanedan in Newington. None of us had been before except for Becca, but she raved about it, so we were all looking forward to our meal there; Turkish food isn’t something I eat a lot of, so I was looking forward to a different dining experience.

Becca described Hanedan as “quirky”, which I would have to agree with; it has a few seating areas of various shapes and sizes, this gives the restaurant an intimate feel, because it’s not one large room. We ordered some meze to share as a starter – as a group we decided on the filo pastry with feta and spinach, spicy garlic sausage, grilled halloumi and meatballs in a tomato sauce. I was looking forward to the halloumi most of all and although it didn’t disappoint my favourite was actually the feta and spinach pastry; there was lots of filling which I enjoyed, as I have had similar dishes and there has been too much pastry compared to filling. Although this was my favourite dish I savoured them all – even the meatballs, which I’m not usually a fan of, but they tasted very fresh and full of flavour.

Becca had recommended the Mixed Grill for a main course and after a quick glance at the menu I decided to order based on her experience. The Mixed Grill consisted of lamb, chicken and sausage, and once again I was taken by surprise at my favourite. I am not normally a huge lamb fan, but it is really starting to grow on me – especially after this dish! All the meats were cooked extremely well and were very flavoursome. Rice and chilli sauce, as well as tomatoes and onions accompanied the meats, and they were a great extra.


Along with my stomach after finishing my meal, the restaurant was pretty full and the staff seemed fairly rushed. However, despite it taking a bit longer for drinks and anything extra we needed, I still had a great experience here. Because I had never been before, or heard of the restaurant, I didn’t have many expectations; the whole evening was a pleasant surprise for me! The food was extremely tasty and Hanedan will now be my go to place for Turkish food in Edinburgh.


Atmosphere – 5
Food – 4
Price – 4
Service – 3

Total – 16/20

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