Eteaket: The Future of Tea, Edinburgh

This week I was lucky enough to attend the Future of Tea event at Eteaket. Working on Frederick Street I have visited Eteaket quite a few times for lunch and I am a big fan of their food and tea. Their produce is incredibly fresh and they only source high quality products, which is one of the reasons they made it onto my list of Healthy Lunches in New Town Edinburgh. If the name itself doesn’t give it away, when you step inside you will be able to tell instantly that you are in a cute, yet sophisticated Tea Room. On this occasion I was greeted with a nice cup of prosecco – yes, the prosecco was served in a tea cup and yes, it was just as great as it sounds!


Eteaket is quite small inside but this was perfect for meeting other tea lovers; we spent a few moments chatting before settling down to watch different tea brewing methods. It is instantly clear how much enthusiasm company owner Erica has for tea and her work; it is enthralling to watch. Our demonstration started with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony using the Blooming Marvellous tea blend. This tea was very tasty and one that I would certainly have on another visit to Eteaket, we were also informed that this tea has been used in a cake that may make an appearance at the Queen’s Garden Party.


The second tea brewing method we watched was with a bottom-dispensing teapot, which you fill with hot water and watch the leaves unfold before holding the teapot over a cup, and watching your cup fill up. This time we sampled a peach tea which was also delicious; we enjoyed a scone with cream and jam to accompany our peach tea.


The final brewing method that we witnessed took us further into the future of tea and involved the use of a syphon. Syphon’s are more commonly used for coffee but Erica brewed an oolong tea in the syphon and it worked extremely well, the flavours really came through. We sampled the same tea from the syphon and from a regular teapot and the tea was a lot stronger when brewed from the syphon; we could taste the tea a lot better. It is great to see that Eteaket are always staying ahead of trends and striving to keep making excellent teas; it really shows their commitment and passion to their products.



Eteaket are also blending new teas using Sea Buckthorn which, as Erica explained “grows widely and wildly” in Scotland and has various health benefits; it contains multiple vitamins, as well as many antioxidants and minerals. Our last taster was a Sea Buckthorn Non-Alcoholic Beer which was very refreshing and delicious. I was informed that Sea Buckthorn doesn’t have the best of tastes on its own, but it was blended excellently and would be perfect for a summer’s afternoon! After the tastings we had the opportunity to ask questions and to browse the different teas they have on offer. Although Perfect Peppermint is my favourite Eteaket tea, I am very intrigued by their Chocolate Abyss blend and will definitely be trying it out on my next visit.



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