4 Healthy Lunches in New Town Edinburgh


Location: 200 Rose Street

When you’ve got that Sunday feeling and it’s time to start thinking about lunch for the next working week, think about Wolfits; it’s perfect for when you don’t have any lunch ingredients at home!
It’s a sandwich/salad bar where you can see all of the different toppings, you pick what you would like, and which toppings you would like on it. You can choose from sandwiches, baguettes, paninis, baked potatoes or salads.


If you opt for a salad you choose a base layer, 4 salad items, 2 deli items and then you can have a dressing if you want to. This is great because it’s completely tailored to your own taste. The salad boxes are my favourite choice at Wolfits because even the small box is extremely filling and I think it’s great value for money! The baked potatoes are also very tasty. There is often a queue because it’s popular, and the prices are really good. Even with the queue you get your lunch quick, which is ideal for work.

Taco Mazama

Location: 38 Hanover Street

If you didn’t know already, Mexican is my favourite food, so being able to get my fix during my lunch hour is great! Similarly to Wolfits, you chose what you want and what you would like in it. Step 1 is choosing from a burrito, fajita, quesadilla, taco, salad bowl, burrito bowl or nachos. My favourite dish is the burrito bowl, which has the same great taste as a burrito but without the tortilla wrap. The salad bowl is like the burrito bowl but without the rice, which is also a great, healthy option. Step 2 is the tough one of choosing your filling and Step 3 involves choosing your salsas, sauces and sides. The best thing about Taco Mazama (apart from the taste) is that you can be as healthy as you like because you build your lunch yourself!


Location: 41 Frederick Street

Working on Frederick Street I’m surrounded by a lot of cute coffee shops, and Eteaket is one of them. If you are lucky enough to be here on a rare sunny day in Edinburgh they have a few tables outside were you can enjoy a lovely lunch. As the name suggests they have a huge selection of different teas, but the Perfect Peppermint is my personal favourite.


The soup from Eteaket is delicious and definitely what I would recommend ordering; the tomato and pesto is my top choice but the broccoli and pesto is also yummy! Depending on how hungry you are you can add a half sandwich to your lunch; if you do this I would advise the tuna and light lemon mayonnaise. Again, Eteaket is very popular, but I’ve always managed to get a table – just make sure to get there sharp if you’re going in your lunch hour!


Location: 30 Frederick Street

I really love the layout in Fredericks; lots of comfortable seats for enjoying a coffee and reading a book. This also means that it is a favourite for people looking for a relaxing space to work in whilst enjoying a hot drink. I’ve only eaten here a couple of times but the ciabatta boards and salads are very popular; the salmon and avocado salad is a great choice! The ambience in Fredericks is very chilled, but the service is not the fastest; this means that it’s a good place to head for a longer lunch. However, I have managed to squeeze in lunch here during working hours. Because Fredericks is more of a restaurant rather than a café (it’s also open at night), the prices are a bit higher than other lunchtime spots.

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