Steam Whistle Brewery, Toronto

The Steam Whistle Brewery is a must do in Toronto! My boyfriend had visited the Brewery on a previous visit to Canada and loved it, so when we were in Toronto with his family we were all excited to experience it. Doing the tour was definitely the right decision as it was a clear highlight of our time in the city!

Steam Whistle3

The tour cost $10, which was excellent value for money! We received a sample of beer whilst we waited for the tour to begin, a bottle of beer at the beginning of the tour and some glasses of beer at the end! When we purchased the tour we also got the choice between a free Steam Whistle glass or a bottle opener. The best part is that the beer is very tasty!

Steam Whistle4

Not only was the tour great value for money it was a lot of fun! Our tour guide was Nial and he made our experience thoroughly enjoyable, by adding in funny stories and jokes. The tour is really interesting because they talk about the building and the history of how the company was formed, as well as the production of the beer. Steam Whistle is brewed in St John’s Roundhouse, which was used to repair locomotives, and is how the beer got its name.

Steam Whistle7

We went as a family so there were a mixture of ages but we all had a great time and would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Toronto! I have visited a few brewery’s in different countries and the Steam Whistle Brewery always sticks in my mind as an especially fascinating and enjoyable tour.

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