Top 5 American Restaurants in Scotland

With the 2016 Superbowl in our sights, what better time to visit restaurants that serve up a slice of America?!


Location: Glasgow & Edinburgh

Chicken and waffles is a very American dish and one that you can snap up at Tribeca! The portion size is very generous but I found this meal was a bit too sweet for me. The burgers are very popular here, and I also enjoyed the mac ‘n’ cheese and the poutine.


The décor inside Tribeca really enhances the American theme, as it’s filled with pictures of New York and big yellow taxicabs. The interior compliments the food and leaves no doubt in the customers mind about the type of meal they will be enjoying!

The Boozy Cow

Location: Aberdeen & Edinburgh

I first sampled the delights of the Boozy Cow in Aberdeen, and I was thrilled to find that a branch opened in Edinburgh not long after we moved here – and it’s 2 minutes from my work! I recommend the buffalo chicken wings to start or as a side, and the chilli cheese fries are great too. Because I indulge in sides I normally choose the simple cheeseburger, but there is a good selection of burgers to choose from! The fantastic cocktail options here makes it a great place to start a celebration, or as a reward after a tough week!

Five Guys

Location: Glasgow, Edinburgh & Dundee

Five Guys is an American burger chain that started in Virginia but has now spread nationwide and internationally! We are lucky enough to have 3 locations in Scotland where you can grab a fantastic burger. Five Guys is a fast food place where you can create your own burger and enjoy mountains of free peanuts while you wait for your food.

Five Guys

This is the perfect place if you want to enjoy a quick but fantastic burger; the fries here are also delicious! The only issue I have is that the price is considerably higher, compared to what you would pay in the States.

Bread Meats Bread

Location: Glasgow & Edinburgh

This incredible burger restaurant has become something of an institution in Glasgow and they have recently opened up a branch in Edinburgh. The Cali burger is a favourite of mine, as it is very similar to an In-N-Out burger; In-N-Out is a fast food burger place in California that is extremely delicious!

Bread Meats Bread

If chicken is more up your street, Bread Meats Bread serves an excellent buffalo chicken burger. Sweet potato fries are perfect for sharing, or splash out on the poutine if you want something extra!


Location: Edinburgh

Mamma’s is somewhere that I visited as a tourist to Edinburgh rather than a local, but I had a very memorable meal. Being an American pizza restaurant, they have a selection of great pizzas on the menu; I thoroughly enjoyed the Gusto del Papa and the B.B. King. What’s good about Mamma’s is that they have more than just pizza to offer, so there is something for everyone! It’s also quite small in size, so although it’s serving big, American meals, it’s being done in an intimate setting.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 American Restaurants in Scotland

  1. Amazing choices, I love Tribeca, its just up from where I work so it’s fast become one of our go to spots.

    Tasha x


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