6 of the Best Florida Beaches

My boyfriend had family living in Florida for a while, so we spent a lot of time there, and we were lucky enough to experience the beautiful beaches that this state has to offer. There are a high number of beaches in Florida, which means that there is something for everyone!


Naples is one of the nicest beaches I have ever been to. The sand is so light and fluffy and the sea is crystal clear. It feels very secluded because it’s away from the road, which makes it great for relaxing. The promenade here is one of my favourite characteristics of the beach because it’s perfect for strolling along at sunset, and there are always dolphins to be spotted playing in the Gulf of Mexico.


This is another West Coast beach whose water lies in the Gulf of Mexico. Sarasota is the perfect stop if you are driving south from Orlando, or if you are looking for a break from the busy theme parks. It’s not as secluded as Naples but there is more happening in the town and the sand is still white and the water clear and warm.

Key Largo

Key West is home to the most southerly point in the United States; I have only made it as far as Key Largo, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Key Largo has fabulous beaches that are perfect for fun, water-based activities; kayaking here was a lot of fun! Don’t forget to indulge in some Key Lime Pie.

West Palm Beach

West Palm is a great little beach town, which is great for all ages. I would recommend spending a weekend here to take advantage of what the town has to offer. You can spend your days sunbathing and playing Frisbee on the beach and when the sunsets head into town to explore the great restaurants and bars in the area.


Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is situated between West Palm and Miami, and like West Palm, has something for everyone. It is still a popular spring break/party destination but it also boasts many upscale restaurants and bars. There are many shops and places to eat and drink situated along the beach front, but there are also volleyball nets on the beach to keep you active!


South Beach

This is one of Florida’s most famous beaches and is known for being a big party spot. South Beach is a lot of fun but it can be quite busy, so I would recommend going here with a group of people. Again, the beach is close to many bars and restaurants and there is a great selection of shops only a stone’s throw away. South Beach is great if you are looking to take part in activities such as jet skiing and segwaying along the boardwalk.


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