Eat Haggis in Edinburgh

With Robert Burn’s night just around the corner, I thought it would be helpful to make a list for both tourists and locals of some of the most memorable, haggis-based meals I’ve eaten in Edinburgh.

Haggis Burrito – Los Cardos

Location: 281 Leith Walk

Mixing Scottish and Mexican flavours was a genius move by Los Cardos! My usual Mexican takeaway food is a burrito bowl, but the haggis burrito is a speciality that I could not resist. And boy am I glad that I didn’t. This meal is a taste sensation and also made it on my Eat Edinburgh on a Budget list because it is very wallet friendly!

Haggis Nachos – The Rosehip

Location: 43 Rose Street

The Rosehip was one of the first places I ate out at when I moved to Edinburgh, and I quickly became a regular. It’s suitable for all times of day and all occasions; I have sat outside for drinks in summer, been for a quick lunch during work and a nice evening meal at the weekend. All of the food has been delicious but a favourite of mine is the haggis nachos. The small portion is still generous, and is great for a sharing starter or a lunch dish.

Haggis Nachos

Haggis Burger – The Red Squirrel

Location: 21 Lothian Road

Before the Fringe Festival I had only been to The Red Squirrel for drinks, but it was the perfect place to grab a bite before seeing a show in August. Burgers make up a large portion of the Red Squirrel menu and the haggis burger immediately caught my eye. The haggis is crumbed and served on a roll with caramelised onions and sour cream. It was a taste sensation, and one that I will definitely indulge in again.

Haggis & Pork Roll – Oink

Location: 34 Victoria Street

Oink is a popular spot for a bite to eat in Edinburgh. Their simple menu of pulled pork rolls is a hit, due to their succulent, slow-cooked pork and their range of toppings. There are 3 different sizes of rolls to choose from; I went for the middle option, which was more than enough for me. After choosing your roll you can pick to add haggis or sage and onion to your pulled pork, as well as a sauce. Do not miss out on the excellent combination of pulled pork, haggis and apple sauce!


Haggis, Neeps & Tatties – Any Scottish restaurant!

Haggis, neeps and tatties isn’t a dish that I have often, but it’s one that I thoroughly enjoy. Traditionally aggis is served with mashed turnip and mashed potatoes, with a whisky sauce on the side. Find a typical British pub that has a warm, cosy feel because it’s the perfect meal for a cold and rainy January night!

Haggis Neeps and Tatties
The Conan Doyle

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