Christmas Gifts for Travel Lovers

Molton Brown Cosmetics

Price: £40


I was extremely lucky to get a first look at the Molton Brown Christmas Collection a few weeks ago, and I quickly found a few items for my Santa list! My personal favourite was the Travel Luxuries Set which is available for both men and women. Another option that I liked the look of was the Mix n Match on travel sized items. The bonus of this is that you pick the exact items and smells that you prefer. I was drawn more to the Travel Luxuries Set as it included everything I need for a weekend break and comes in a plastic, see-through bag.

Molton Brown1

Molton Brown2

Although travelling is a lot of fun, there are many times when it is not very glamorous! Travelling with Molton Brown Cosmetics will ensure that you always have a touch of luxury no matter where you go. It is also essential to look after your skin whilst travelling, as flying and changing climate can often dry out your complexion.

Goodnight Society ‘Lets Jet Around’ Leggings

Price: £26


I first saw these leggings on the World of Wanderlust Instagram, and I knew straight away that I needed a pair! The ‘Jet Around’ design makes these pyjamas the best accessory for travelling or for fuelling your wanderlust whilst you’re at home. Goodnight Society makes good quality, comfortable sleep wear at an affordable cost. Lets Jet Around Leggings are also colourful and fun, which adds to the excitement of travelling.

Travel Journal

Price: £12


A Travel Journal is something that I always bring with me on any trip, no matter how long or short, and I have been lucky enough to have been gifted a couple. Personally, I prefer journals which have plenty of space for writing, but also pockets to hold tickets and mementos from my trips. Paperchase and WHSmith often have nice Travel Journals on sale but I love these journals made by Sukie. The designs are brilliant and there is a pocket for any keepsakes; which means it gets a big tick from me!

Guide Book

Price: £2.50 – £33.97


Even with smartphones, I still love to carry a guide book. You never know how your phone connection will be abroad or what the data roaming charges will be; so I find it handy to have a paper copy of the destination I am visiting. I love the layout of the Lonely Planet guides; they make it extremely easy to find attractions, bars and restaurants. Their Pocket Guide selection is a personal favourite for my city visits, as they are small enough to fit in my handbag, but they still have all the information I need!

Mexican Cookbook

Price: £13.60


Mexican food is my favourite, but unfortunately I still haven’t made it to Mexico! A couple of Christmases ago I was lucky enough to be gifted Mexican Food Made Simple by Thomasina Miers. The ingredients that are used are repeated throughout the book which means that it’s not too expensive to make the dishes; the meals are also healthy and fresh! The guacamole in this book is delicious and can be a healthy snack or a topping for lots of different dishes.

Desk Calendar

Price: £18.95


If like me, your day job is 9-5 in an office, you sometimes need a bit of wanderlust motivation. This desk calendar is perfect for decorating your desk as well as helping you plan your next destination; it is both practical and enjoyable! Anyone who loves to travel will appreciate this addition to their office space.

Kindle Paperwhite

Price: £109.99


I was sceptical about getting a kindle at first because I do love physical books. However, when I started going on longer trips I realised how practical kindles are; you will never run out of reading material and you will not be weighed down by lots of books! I was given the Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday this year and it was one of my favourite gifts. The backlight is a major improvement and means that your books can now be read at any time; even in a hostel with no bedside lamp!

Attraction Tickets

Price: £33


Anyone who loves travel will love being given experiences. Although flights are great, they can be quite pricey; attractions will have a lot more range when it comes to cost. Attraction gift ideas can be based on an upcoming trip, a new trip or even a domestic weekend away, or day out. One of my favourite attractions in the UK has to be the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so this merges both my love of travel and my love of the Wizarding World. One of the best things about this gift is that it is fun for all ages; it is also extremely good value for money.

HP Tour - Entrance

Samsonite Suitcase

Price: £369


After a suitcase disaster earlier this year I bought my first Samsonite suitcase, and now I am a huge advocate! I purchased a medium sized suitcase but it has a lot of room, and is extremely light to carry; this along with the 4 wheels makes it great for manoeuvring around airports and busy cities! A cabin sized Samsonite suitcase is definitely on my list to the North Pole, so that I can make my weekend breaks as smooth as my longer trips.

Olloclip Lens

Price: £39.99 – £99.99


This is another great item on my list this year. When I travel I carry my iPhone and my Nikon D3310; I love my Nikon for taking great quality photos, but it can be a bit bulky for going out in the evenings. My iPhone is a lot more discreet for taking photos, but it does not have anywhere near the quality of my Nikon. The Olloclip Lens means that you are still able to take good quality photos, but you are not weighed down by a heavy device – the best of both worlds!

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