5 Reasons Edinburgh is the Best UK City

Beautiful Architecture

Edinburgh dates back to around 900 BC, which means that it has an incredible history and a lot of amazing, medieval buildings. The Old Town hosts the oldest structures in Edinburgh, this is because the New Town was built around it. Although it is called the New Town, it was actually built in the 18th century.

The Scott Monument and Edinburgh Castle
The Scott Monument and Edinburgh Castle

I love the fact that there is a castle right in the heart of the town, even better that I can see it from my office! No matter where you are in Edinburgh there are always wonderful buildings like St Giles Cathedral or the Scott Monument (which is situated on the main shopping street). The way this city mixes old and new is spectacular.

Lots of Green Space

Princes Street Gardens, The Meadows, Holyrood Park and Calton Hill are just a few of the parks and gardens that Edinburgh has to offer. During the summer, both locals and tourist flock to Princes Street Gardens to eat their lunch, as it is situated in the centre of town. The Meadows is known for attracting university students during the warmer months.

Lunch with a View in Princes Street Gardens
Lunch with a View in Princes Street Gardens

The great thing about the parks in Edinburgh is that they have so much to offer. Calton Hill and Holyrood Park boast fabulous views, whilst Princes Street Gardens turns into a Winter Wonderland during Edinburgh’s Christmas.

Not as Expensive as London

Depending on where you are from, Edinburgh might seem expensive, especially when it comes to rent. However, you are definitely paying for quality. The extra cost allows you to live in a fantastic city where there is always something going on; you will never be bored!

London is a great city, but it is extremely expensive! The best thing about Edinburgh is that you get to live in a vibrant, beautiful city but for a lot less money than you would in London.

Biggest Arts Festival in the World

Edinburgh is always a lively city, but it gets a new lease of life during August, when the Festival takes over. Thousands of performers take part in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe each year; this year there were over 50,000 performers. Living in Edinburgh for the Fringe was an incredible experience.

People come from all over the world to be here for the festival, so it was great to be able to experience the full 3 weeks.For me, it has been one of the best parts of living in Edinburgh and I am already looking forward to next year!

Culturally Diverse

Being the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh attracts a variety of gender, race and age to the city, which is fantastic! Having a city filled with a huge range of cultures is excellent because it gives people a chance to meet friends from different nationalities, and learn about a variation of cultures.

Travel is such a large part of our lives that it is important to know that other cultures exist, and to try and understand them. Being able to do this in Edinburgh is a great asset to the city.

View from Calton HIll
View from Calton HIll

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