Travel Ready Hair by Mathew Watt, Edinburgh

Travel lovers and frequent jet setters will know that it’s important to have easy to manage hair. If like me you have highlights it’s not always the easiest! Lately I had been feeling that my hair was turning too yellow, rather than a nice natural colour; the summer sun didn’t help matters! I decided to try Mathew Watt in the West End, as previously I had my nails done there by Alex, and the experience was great. I walked in and was greeted extremely warmly before Mathew chatted about what look I was going for. He spent time going over my options and what the process would be, to make sure that I was happy. I was then offered prosecco to enjoy whilst my colour was being applied. I knew instantly that I was going to have a great experience with Mathew, just as I had had with Alex.

Hair During
Mathew Watt Hair

Everyone’s hair is different but for me it is easier to keep my hair long for travelling as I can plait it, tie it up or create waves. If I cut it shorter it would be extremely bushy and I wouldn’t have the luxury of not needing straighteners. I don’t tend to bring straighteners, as they are not essential, unless I am going on a holiday where I am taking a full sized suitcase. Over the last couple of years, the majority of my trips have been with a backpack for moving around, or cabin bags for weekend breaks. The less I can carry for these holidays the better. My hair tends to be all the same length or with longer layers because a fringe would require more work and more products.

The more natural you can keep your hair the less time and money you will need to spend on it. The last thing you want when you’re exploring is to be worrying about where you will get your hair done. You also want to save your money for great adventures, rather than potentially dodgy highlights from a local hairdresser! Edinburgh hairdressers can be quite expensive, but it’s worth paying the money to know that you will have healthy, happy hair whilst you are away, especially if you are visiting sunny destinations.

Hair Before
Hair After

 I am glad that I chose Mathew Watt for my travel ready hair before my trip to London, and I will definitely be going back. The customer service at this salon is outstanding and the husband and wife duo, Mathew and Alex, are exceptionally friendly.

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