Eat Edinburgh on a Budget

This list includes a mixture of takeaway and sit down restaurants that are suitable for both lunch and dinner. Every location can be eaten at for £10 or under.

Los Cardos

Location: 281 Leith Walk

Eat: The Haggis Burrito

I have eaten a lot of Mexican food (it’s my favourite), and I can say that although Los Cardos is not the best I have ever had, it was still very tasty. It’s a similar style to Chipotle in the USA. I have been to Los Cardos twice and both times I have enjoyed my meal. My usual Mexican takeaway food is a burrito bowl, which I had on my first visit to Los Cardos. I enjoyed it and would definitely have it again. However, The Haggis Burrito is a must try at Los Cardos. The mixture of Scottish and Mexican cuisine works really well and produces a delicious meal.

Miro’s Cantina (Burrito Stall)

Location: 184 Rose Street

Eat: Nachos

Miro’s is a popular Mexican restaurant in the city centre. The food here is always great so I’m sure I’m not the only one that was excited by the new Burrito Stall outside of the restaurant. The Burrito Stall is a great place to grab a quick, work lunch. The Nachos are my personal favourite as they are great value, as well as delicious! The Nachos are served with re-fried beans and all the toppings; you choose the exact toppings that you would like. The chef in charge of this stall is fantastic; he really takes pride in what he is serving.

Mosque Kitchen

Location: 31 Nicolson Square

Eat: Anything!

Whenever I visit Mosque Kitchen I like to share a couple of different dishes, as everything is excellent. If you visit as a group I would recommend getting a meat based curry, a chickpea curry and some sag aloo, as well as a naan bread. Some items can be quite spicy but it adds to the great flavours. The portions are huge and the prices are extremely cheap – approximately £5 per person.

Mosque Kitchen


Location: 34 Victoria Street

Eat: Oink Roll with Haggis and Apple Sauce

If you love pulled pork and you are looking for a quick bite, Oink is the place for you! Oink is somewhat of an institution in Edinburgh. There are 3 different sizes of roll to choose from. The middle size is quite big; I couldn’t finish it all. Once you have chosen your roll you can pick to add haggis or sage and onion to your pulled pork roll, as well as a sauce. The pork itself is very succulent and extremely tasty; the haggis and apple sauce compliment the flavours of the pork perfectly. The prices here are great for the portion size. Make sure Oink is the place you head to for your pulled pork fix!


Paradise Palms (Ninja Buns)

Location: 41 Lothian Street

Eat: Ninja Rice Bowl

I love the atmosphere here; it’s a great place to come with friends, and the food is delicious. The rice bowls come with pork, beef or tofu, as well as coconut rice, Siracha hot sauce and peanuts. The Ninja Buns are a very popular dish; they are steamed buns with pork, beef or tofu, served with fries. Depending on how hungry you are the steamed buns are quite small; I think the rice bowls are better value for money!

Ting Thai Caravan

Location: 8-9 Teviot Place

Eat: Pad Thai

Everything on the menu sounds amazing, but our group (finally!) decided on 3 Pad Thai’s and 1 Thai green curry; we also ordered coconut rice and some sweet potato crispies. The Pad Thai’s come in a takeaway box, which adds to the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant. Everything was delicious but the portions are very generous and we couldn’t eat everything. The Thai green curry had a great flavour, but it was pretty spicy! Considering the large portion sizes and the big flavours, the prices are excellent.

Ting Thai Caravan


Location: 5-7 Old Fishmarket Close

Eat: Lots of Wings!

Wings is a casual dining experience, with yummy food. Every table has its own theme; on our most recent visit we were at the Star Wars table. The menu is all wings, except from a few other options such as nuggets and chips. Although it is only wings there are so many sauce options that you will not be bored! I definitely recommend visiting Wings as a group so you can try as many different flavours as possible! Baby Blue has been my favourite flavour so far.


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