7 of the Best NYC Views

One of my favourite things about New York (although there are many!) is the views. I love that depending on where you are standing, and what time of day it is you can see something completely new. Every view of NYC is simply stunning.

Northside Pier

Location: Williamsburg

Northside Pier View

This is one of my favourite photos I took when I was in New York, as it happened completely by accident. We decided to explore Williamsburg one afternoon and found ourselves on the Northside Pier at sunset, completely by random. It was absolutely beautiful. The best part is that the Ferry back to Manhattan isn’t over crowded, as it is not a view that many tourists know about.

Top of the Rock

Location: Rockefeller Centre

Top of the Rock View

This is the only view in this list that you have to pay for, but it is definitely worth it. Although the Empire State Building is still worth visiting, if you only have the time, or the money to do one, make sure you go to Top of the Rock. The Empire State Building is such an iconic part of the NYC skyline and Top of the Rock provides a great view of it. The views are fabulous here, both night and day but I prefer daytime for better photos.

Staten Island Ferry

Location: South Street Seaport

Staten Island Ferry View

The Staten Island Ferry is a way for commuters to pass between Manhattan and Staten Island. It is also very well known for offering amazing views of the city, for free! Although the Ferry can be really busy with a mixture of locals and tourists it is a must do because it also provides a great view of the Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty View

Brooklyn Bridge

Location: Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge View

Like the Staten Island Ferry, both commuters and tourists use the Brooklyn Bridge, which means it can get quite hectic. However, the Bridge hosts views of the entire city. Make sure to also check of the view from the Brooklyn Promenade whilst you are over that way!

Central Park

Location: Upper East/West Side

Central Park View

Central Park is amazing because it makes you forget that you are in a city. But every now and then you get a glimpse of the city surroundings and it is just as beautiful as the Park itself. The combination of the buildings, trees and water makes for a spectacular view.

230 on Fifth

Location: 230 Fifth Avenue

230 on Fifth View

230 on Fifth is a rooftop bar, so although the view is technically free you are expected to buy a drink (which isn’t cheap!). However, if you are planning to go for drinks anyway, the view is an added bonus! Of all the rooftop bars I visited in New York, 230 on Fifth definitely has the best view. Being so close to the Empire State Building is amazing but you can also see all the way downtown.

The High Line

Location: Chelsea

High Line View

The High Line is great because it is 1.45 miles of old rail track that as been turned into gardens. There is no other view like walking along the High Line; every corner you turn boasts a fabulous new view of the city. Artists have also decorated some of the buildings to make the walk even more interesting.

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