Top 5 European Foods

Mainland Europe is a beautiful place, filled with a number of delicious dishes that are full of flavour.

Tapas – Spain

I am a huge fan of tapas, as I love trying small bites of different dishes. My favourite tapa is chorizo and chickpea stew. I love the tomato and red wine sauce in the stew, which also makes me a lover or patatas bravas. Gambas Pil Pil is another fantastic dish; you can never have too much garlic!

Fondue – Switzerland & the Netherlands

I have never been to Switzerland and Swiss fondue is a popular dish. But if you are visiting Amsterdam, don’t give Café Bern a miss. It serves the most amazing Fondue and Entrecote; in a small, relaxed setting. Customers are a mixture of locals and tourists, which adds to the atmosphere. This was my favourite meal in Amsterdam as the fondue was a pan of delicious Gruyere and you can cook the meat to exactly your own taste.

Fondue and Entrecote

Gelato – Italy

Normally I am a savoury over sweet kind of girl, but I can’t deny the scrumptiousness of gelato in Rome. We went to the oldest gelato factory in Italy (Fassi), and it was incredible. My personal favourite was the banana, which I learnt should be a greyish yellow and never bright yellow!

Zapekanka – Poland

Whilst doing a tour of the Old Town in Krakow with a friend, our tour guide stopped at a Zapekanka stall. Most of us wanted to sample this local cuisine. A Zapekanka is an open-faced sandwich that traditionally contains mushroom and cheese, but other toppings can be added. My friend and I decided to share one, and we opted for the traditional mushroom and cheese. However, instead of the customary ketchup, we chose a garlic sauce. This is a very basic, but tasty lunchtime meal. They are actually quite big so sharing with a friend was a good choice!


Schnitzel – Austria

I enjoy eating schnitzel at home with salad, coleslaw or potato salad, so I was excited to try it when I was in Vienna. I was watching my spending whilst InterRailing, but my boyfriend came to visit me here so the budget went out the window! This turned out to be a good thing in terms of tasting the local delicacies. As expected, Schnitzel is more delicious in Vienna than at home, however similarly to home it was served with potatoes.

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      1. Yes, I’ve been fortunate to have gone to England a few times, and Scotland, France, Ireland, and Italy once each. I love traveling and it’s great how easy it is to travel around Europe (once I fly over of course!).

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