Edinburgh Fringe Highlights 2015

Make sure that the following performers are on your radar for next years Edinburgh International Fringe Festival, as they were my favourite shows from 2015.

Daniel Sloss: Dark

Where: EICC

What: Stand-up

Stars: ****(4.5/5)

Some friends had booked tickets for Daniel and asked if we wanted to go along. I hadn’t heard of him before, but they’d seen him at the Fringe in previous years and thought he was brilliant. We were intrigued, and decided that we definitely had to go along. I found this show to be full of well thought out opinions, with lots of laughter and lots of surprises. His stories take some unexpected turns but I found myself laughing round every corner.


Where: Assembly George Square Studios

What: Drama

Stars: ****(4/5)

A group of us decided to buy tickets for Trainspotting and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that someone we knew was in it. From the moment you step inside the venue you feel part of the show. The characters are dancing to rave music, surrounded by strobe lights, whilst the public find a seat on the benches/floor. I found the acting to be excellent and they portrayed the story very well, with a great use of props (anyone sitting next to the toilet may not agree)! The way that the audience was included really helped to bring the show to life. The only downside was the sore bums/backs that we were all walking away with, after a lengthy time of sitting on the floor.

Foil, Arms and Hog: Skiddlywup

Where: Underbelly, Cowgate

What: Sketch show

Stars: *****(5/5)

This was the first show that we decided to go to completely randomly and I didn’t know anything about it. Sam (my boyfriend) had looked at the Fringe app and found it, so we went along one Monday night. We were lucky enough to bag the last 2 tickets, for this Irish trio. We took this as a good sign, and entered the venue with high hopes. Foil, Arms and Hog went over and above any of my expectations! They had me crying with laughter! The 3 personalities work extremely well together, and the switch from sketch to sketch means the audience are never bored; they have moved on to a new piece before that can happen. They worked very well with the audience, making the show even more enjoyable. I am looking forward to next year’s show already!

Foil Arms and Hog

Piff the Magic Dragon: Breakfast at Piffany’s

Where: Unberbelly’s Circus Hub

What: Magic, Caberet

Stars: *****(5/5)

This was a last minute decision for us, Sam had watched some clips online but I didn’t know what to expect. I absolutely loved it! Piff’s humour was exactly to my taste – dry and sarcastic. From start to finish he had me in stiches. The game show idea worked really well, it integrated the audience and kept the show rolling over to new material. This meant that there were never any long stories. Alongside the excellent comedy, Breakfast at Piffany’s also produced some fantastic magic tricks. Piff is now back in the States for the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent; I for one will definitely be rooting for him to win!

Hot Dub Time Machine

Where: City Nightclub

What: Music

Stars: *****(5/5)

When I first moved to Edinburgh I worked at Edinburgh’s Christmas whilst I was job hunting. I really wanted to see this show then, but I never had the time. A large group of us booked tickets in June, and even then all the weekend tickets were sold out! It is extremely popular and the tag line explains why, it really is the BEST. PARTY. EVER! I had such high hopes for Hot Dub but thankfully I was not let down! It certainly is the best night out and the biggest party. Tom plays music from 1954 to 2015 and he picks exactly the right songs to get everyone dancing. It’s just part of each song that is played and Tom works well with the audience to know when it’s time to move on. The visual effects used during Hot Dub are fantastic and really complement the atmosphere!

Pete Firman

Where: Pleasance Courtyard

What: Magic, Stand-up

Stars: ****(4/5)

We first heard about Pete when we went to see Piff the Magic Dragon and Sam recognised him from Mock the Week. The last Sunday of the festival gave us the perfect opportunity to go to his show, and boy am I glad we did! It was amazing, I could not figure out how he was doing any of his tricks. The comedy side was great too but it was the magic that stole the show. I will definitely be looking out for Pete on the TV and would recommend his show for next year.

The Noise Next Door’s Comedy Lock-In

Where: Pleasance Courtyard

What: Improv, Stand-up

Stars: *****(5/5)

This was a fantastic way to end our Festival experience! We had tried to see The Noise Next Door a few times but it was most certainly worth the wait. We received free beers from Daniel Sloss (he was a guest comedian that evening) when we first arrived, and the show only got better from there. The collection of personalities is great and they work amazingly with the audience. Everything is improvised through a collection of song and comedy, although the comedy is prominent. Unfortunately, they’re not bringing their tour to Scotland or I would have got tickets! I can’t wait to see this group next year.

End of Festival

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